confused, scared and worst of all, teenager.

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  • torn in two son
    torn in two son


    i really didn't expect so many replies so quickly. thanks for all the support, but i do want to make something clear-

    i am not as clever as some of you seem to think.

    really it's hats off to my father, open mind, for waking up, taking us out slowly, breaking this stuff to me gently, and cracking down to having Santa Witch fly not just once but twice for my fantastic Df'ed uncle. Mind you, i did have some doubts and dissagreements which probably should have woken me up. "why is it so bad to say happy birthday? is it really wrong? what morals am i ignoring?" some of the stupid doctrines that JDubs spout out and are all "sieg heil!" about, i began to have doubts. i didn't say anything seeing how the almighty, all-powerful jehovah was flying over me wating to smite my insignifcant soul. what a great religion. i figured my dad and mom would agree that some things were stupid but we need to do what have to, to earn "eternal life" and live petting lions and eating veggie burgers for eternity.

    lastly, brownie points to looking4peace, billy the ex-bethelite and onthewayout, some of you i've met, you're fantastic people, and my dad says the rest of you are pretty great too. thanks for all the support!

    Torn In Two Son (yeah, i did that on purpose, it took me a minute to think of one that worked :D )

  • looking4peace

    You're pretty fantastic people too, TITS. :o) Look forward to getting to know your family better in the days and years to come. Know we are here for you. Together, we can all make it through this crazy transition in our lives. Ciao!

  • palmtree67


    I would be proud to have you as my own kid.

    Yes, the next little while will be difficult. But it will only get better!!!

    Hello and welcome to you!! I have a 16 year old daughter who is nearly where you are.....I have great hopes for her.

  • nelly136

    welcome torn,

    i'm pleased for you that you're doing this as a family, however hard it feels to adjust, at least you're all in the voyage of discovery together.

    yup you may lose some 'hire purchase' jw friends but you have time to make new real ones (like your girlfriend) who can and will accept you

    exjw warts n all.

  • zarco

    Torn - I recommend the-real-life's advice... mostly because T-R-L has great parents and thus gives good advice :)

    Now that you're out, you can really get to know who you are and develop your talents and figure out what makes you happy and how you can use your personality traits to help others. The best is yet to come! You're young enough that in a couple of years, you might have a hard time even remembering what it was like to be a witness. I feel like that sometimes and I've only been out for about 3 years.

    In all seriousness, the life ahead will be exciting and you will meet many life-long friends. I have a fond spot for people I went to school with and for folks that I pioneered with. But we change so much as we grow older and become who we are supposed to be that some of the closeness that we had with people from the past seems to fade. The friendships that last a lifetime are those based on honesty and common interest.

    Regarding your cousin and other that you are close to, it will be a tough balancing act in some ways. But trust your instincts and your folks as to what to do. And as others have said, take your time. When making tough decisions time is usually a friend to you unless taking your time has other detrimental effects.



  • sinis

    Coming from an older person, to a younger person... Do you know what the secret of life is? Its not "God" or any other fantasy creature that humans contrive... no, rather it is that very thing, that "one" thing that makes your life a joy worth living. In other words, stop worrying and live your life each and everyday as a young person should. No regrets, no contrived ideals of "sin"... because in the end we are only given X amount of time on this rock - use it wisely. My mantra is - "I stay out of "gods" house, and "god" stays out of mine..."

    Your on a start, but realize that religion is a form of control. Religion is nothing more than a geographical and chonological event and circumstances.

    Live life, don't let life live you...


    Poor kid...HUGS

    He obviously has enough to worry about without the acronym guys. He's a teen-ager for Pete's sake. Remember how rough that was?

  • OnTheWayOut

    i am not as clever as some of you seem to think.

    Torn In Two Son (yeah, i did that on purpose, it took me a minute to think of one that worked :D )

    Pretty clever- that mock humility. Pretty clever.

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