Should I post here anymore?

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  • zerubberballs

    Hey Mindchild,

    Your reply "Uncle Bruce I don't know what planet you live on at times.... blah blah blah"

    was to whom exactly???? I haven't posted in this thread till now.

    I was gonna say some nice things about you plus mention the fact that you're sometimes out of touch .. Lilacs was right when she said you keep kicking people in the guts. Us fluff posters have just about had enough. You do realise that the elitist "mattress posters" view you as a fluff poster don't you? Or are you deluded enough to think you're part of the self proclaimed "internet intelligencia?" LOL I have never seen you post anything here that the big boys wouldn't label "fluff".

    If you don't even know whose replies you are reading you really make me wonder and it underlines lilacs point yes?

    I'll give you a clue why you don't understand a lot of what i post. are you listening? with both ears open? I'm only going to say this once OK? WHAT I POST IS WRITTEN TO AN INDIVIDUAL (that means a specifically tailored responce to an individual with perhaps a long posting history with me, specific on going jokes and memories etc... or maybe I don't care if YOU understand what I'm saying. I may just wanna get in your head and rearrange the furniture because I'm a mad bastard)


    PS: I have never seen Lilacs so upset you cad.

    PSS: This is the second time I've had to straighten you out tonight, what am I your freaking thought butler? lol.

  • ladonna


    No, you are not the only ones with thoughts like this. I too have noticed that I am becoming more of a "fluff" poster.
    I have nothing against "fluff" and I think humor is essential to one's psychological well being.

    However, my main objective of coming here is to learn. Now that so many of the serious posters are leaving I also question the validity of my own often stupid posts.

    Where are the serious posters going? Come on guys, fess up?

    I too have made many friends here and will stay; limiting the time spent. But I am also looking for somewhere I can go and learn without wading through 1,000,000 posts.

    EEEEkkkkkkk!!!! am I in trouble for this???

    Ana who also likes a little fluff.

  • cellomould

    Hi Mindchild,

    One point that I didn't see mentioned is very crucial to this discussion:

    If your research and writings are important to you, then save them to disk. They will always be yours!

    You don't have to put all of your eggs in one basket.

    Post here, post there, see where you get a response. Nothing wrong with posting the same thing on two different discussion boards.

    You never know what response you will get. Divide your time accordingly if this is very important to you, as I am sure it is. You may get more response here for one thread and more response somewhere else for another thread.

    I of course am not saying spend more time online than ever before!

    Just use multiple browser windows! he he he

    I don't know if I have replied to any of your posts, but I have read several of them. I have really enjoyed them.

    My feelings will not be hurt if you post somewhere else in the future. But should you decide to cut and paste that stuff here also, more power to you! That only takes 5 seconds....



    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

  • Xena

    Hey Skipper,

    Just wanted to let you know I am not mad at you. I am sorry if I came across that way...I was just addressing your post.

    So if you don't research for yourself who do you do it for? When I research something (on the rare occasion) I do it because of a question I have in my mind...I do research and resolve the issues one way or another...and then I would think maybe to pass this information on to others for their edification or to get input from them on my theory ..but I guess that is just me....

    Where did I get the idea you thought you were "better"??? uuummm well let me see...

    There are really few topics here that are serious and draw much attention. I can see Farkel's points now in looking for a better community to hang out in.
    those ARE YOUR WORDS...aren't they? I did add the "bold" around the word better..cause I didn't want you to miss it.

    Mind how would you feel if you had someone over to lunch every day...some days you had the energy and time and resources to make an elaborate meal...other days you could barely scrape together mac and cheese...but it was free and there for them because you wanted to spend time with them...and one day they decided they felt the need to go somewhere "better" somewhere where they might get the more elaborate meals more often..and they told you hey sorry but this just isn't good enough for me...I am going somewhere "better"...would be kind of like a slap in the face wouldn't it? You did your best to provide what you could for be there for them...and it just wasn't good this probably isn't the best example but it is all I could come up with at the moment .

    I think you are a wonderful person mind..I enjoy your posts...I would miss you...but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do...

  • Mindchild

    Dear Uncle Bruce,

    Well Dude I can clearly see I owe you yet another apology. Good God I hope this doesn't become a habit! I straightened things up with Lilacs in chat today, and I hope she understands that my motives were not to kick anybody in the teeth or put anyone down. You might find my last post to her new thread more informative of what my goals were in trying to decide if I should post anything more serious in my postings.

    My mistake was also that I thought (ILoveUncleBruce) was you using a second handle. I didn't know it was Lilacs using this handle but yes I should have checked, and I screwed up big time there. I was having a wee bit of a shitty day yesterday and I hope you forgive me.

    Kind Regards,


  • Mindchild

    Ladonna...thanks for helping me understand where my frustrations were really that my efforts to supply something useful to this online community were simply being buried by the amount of normal postings. People don't have the time to wade through all the posts, heck it takes me 10 min to get through 5 pages of posts!

    Cellomould...thanks for your input too. Yes, I could try to find other boards to put information on. Actually though, I just don't have the time. That was another one of my considerations, the best use of my time. This is a cool place, has lots of people showing up here, and is a good place to share information but at the same time suffers from its own popularity in that there are so many good posts.

    Xena...Those are good questions you asked. The motives I had in getting involved in the ex-JW community some years ago are pretty much the same as then. I had my mid-life crisis shortly before then and I decided that I wanted to try to give something back to the world in a positive way. My motivation was simply to provide information that might be of value for others. If I do research now, it is the same motive. It really isn't about getting fame or fortune, although I could certainly use getting laid, it won't happen because of anything I post!

    And Xena your anology is actually pretty darn good. I wouldn't enjoy that either Xena, it wouldn't be showing any appreciation would it? My hope in what I'm trying to do here by both looking at my own needs and decisions as well as encouraging some minor changes, is not to put anyone down here. This is a wonderful place to meet new people, to learn new things, to develop good friends and work through a lot of old JW-shit that we still have in us. All I'm suggesting is that we figure out a way to make it more enjoyable. Wouldn't you be thrilled to get a really terrific idea for cooking a new meal? Well, I don't know lol, but I hope you understand I'm not trying to put you or anyone else down and tell you that you are not appreciated. The only one's I don't like on here are the real assholes that try to hurt other people delibertly. Thanks for not being mad at me

    Kind Regards,


  • patio34

    Hi Skipper,

    I certainly hope you do continue posting here. You add a lot to the board and i always read your threads. If you decide to leave, know that you'll be missed.


    "It's easier to put on slippers than to carpet the world." (from "Stuart Saves His Family")

  • Joyzabel

    Wow, Skipper must be serious. He has taken his picture down.
    Please reconsider.

  • teejay

    Hello, Mindchild.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to quote a previous poster. That one said:

    A lot of us ex-jw's... realize it's who we are and we like to talk to ppl who share our perspective. All of us aren't looking for a savior post, that clears up something we've struggled with due to the WTS. We just realize what happened to us, and we have decided to move on... some may not be for the constant rehashing of WTS failings... However, I'm not saying that this work doesn't have it's place. A lot of ppl benefit from it.


    I happen to feel that there is more than enough room here for the silly and the serious. I see no reason why the two categories of posts/posters can't co-exist.

    In these posts, the poster is stating the obvious fact that for some reason eludes the understanding of some on a regular basis. What is that obvious fact? We are all different and even within a single individual, over time NEEDS CHANGE.

    Therfore u should post what u want and what u feel. Two posters that do that imo, are Fredhall and Englishman. Sure they are at two different ends of the spectrum, but they both have managed to carve their own little niches in and don't need any validation from anyone.

    Another sublime kernel of truth, known to all most. If you don't like fluff, don't post it and don't answer to it. If you want a particular type of post, lead the way and others who are interested will follow.

    Secondly, would not be quite the place it is without the comments of E-man and the clever lunacy of our beloved Fred. We all have our place here.

    To that same poster you said:
    This wasn't a going away post. More like is there really any point in trying to change the growing trend towards noise.

    To that I can say "yes."

    When I got here there were a handful of arrogant, cocksure posters who did not hesitate to blatantly disparage -- often with the most vulgar of terms -- the comments and ideas of other posters that did not meet their 'standard.' A handful of other posters, unwilling to sit back and be satisfied with the status quo, undertook the task of calling these ones on their boorish behavior. The net result is todays, a better forum than it was back then, were all ideas, even fluff, not only sees the light of day but thrives. So, you can and SHOULD use what talents you have to effect change for the better.

    Also to help answer this question of yours, you might want to consult lilacs' thread May I Have Your Attention Please thread (gotta love that title) and see the abundant wisdom on display there, attendant to this exact same topic, btw.

    Last, in your initial post, you asked:

    Do you get discouraged when you put a few hours into researching and putting up a thread or replying to a post and it doesn't do much of anything but waste your time?

    Sometimes, but you never know who reads it or how they may be helped. Still... what is the appropriate response when one becomes discouraged that their "work" is not hailed by the masses as the most wonderful thing they've ever read? Leave?


  • MrMoe

    There u go again, making me laugh with your precious wit!

    So when do I get my spanking?

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