why i wept bitterly in front of two elders......

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  • oompa

    yesidid...my letter is six pages and i can email to anyone wanting it...but their reply to me was only about six sentences and said they would send the "answer" letter....more info to my local elders so they could share them with me....they would not let me see it or hold it....they would not let me copy it...the letter was all doublespeak with zero evidence or support for teaching that the divine name was in original manuscripts...in fact their actual answer stupidly was that they had "indirect evidence" that it used to be there!!!!

    so i was like WTF...then give it to me!!...and another younger elder wanted to know what this "indirect evidence" was too so when he told me to write them back i said "hell no...the letter to me said they would be happy to provide you more info as needed...well i have a need so YOU write them back!"....and he did...and had to get two other elders to sign off on the letter....he really bucked the old elders because at first they told him not to write back....now here is the sad part...when he and another elder came to read me the final reply....he looked sad and sick reading me the letter...it was just one sentence..."Regarding your letter requesting additional information about use of the divine name in the Christian Greek Scriptures, we have nothing further to share with you at this time."

    His head was stayed down looking at the floor...he could not look at me....and i said "ted...and your fine with that?"....with his head still down he slowly and with tiny movement nodded up and down...i knew he knew....his faith will never be the same either...he has never spoken to me about it again.........i really loved him and his wife, a childhood friend of mine btw...............oompa

  • OnTheWayOut

    Oompa, I missed this thread when it first came out. Deep down, I always knew they had their own Bible. It was just part of the denial process. I hope all is alright in the oompa-loompa world.

  • isaacaustin

    oomps, check your pm my friend

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