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  • nugget

    Cantleaves computer is playing up again. Well what a great job. This made me laugh it will have made the local elders apopleptic. Fabulous.

  • quietlyleaving
    quietlyleaving I'm listening....what you been up to...?

    I'm just an innocent bystander full of praise for a very recent exjw who has come back fighting after nearly being stamped out.

  • LatinxJW


    Thats what I call " COJONES " and I like it (no homo.....he he he), it would have been great to have video of the horror on their faces. Be careful last thing you want to do is be arrested for trespassing.

    I think this would be more affective in reaching the r&f if it wasn't from another religion bagging on the WT. IMO

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    passing out leaflets can be very exciting i remember long before i was a witness in the late sixties leafletting against the vietnam war and selling berkley barbs on the street corner. you feel like your doing something important. it all started for me in college when i was handed a leaflet i than proceeded to attend an sds meeting it was very highly charged activity.

  • iknowall558

    Latinxjw There is a possiblity of all things visual happening. lol. Its just plain facts in the tracts.....quotes from their own literature etc.

  • mouthy

    I know your having fun doing that .because I did it too ..years ago
    You will be surprised how many it helps. When I started my support group
    a few that attended said it was the phamplet in their car that made them start thinking
    A good thing to remember is stick it between the door of the drivers side, as one
    elder that left told me ,they used to see the ones in the windsheild wiper while
    the meeting was in progress & would go out & collect them...

    Of course send your time into Bethel


  • Farkel

    On the other hand, such activity just fuels JW speculation that the world is heating up their persecution against them. In the minds of too many dubs, such activities enforces their entrenchment in WatchtowerLand.


  • tinker

    Hooray for you iknow, keep up the good work. If even one dub reads this you have succeeded. More importantly you just might get one of them to think. Sure most will toss the leaflets but some may see a few words, enough to get them to question.

    Years ago when I would see the apostates at conventions, I never took the leaflets but just the sight of them would get me out for the watchtower.

  • iknowall558

    Mouthy. thanks for the advice.... I am hoping it has a positive effect on some.

    Farkel I agree. Ive already thought that this is what they will think, but I do know for a fact that there are some disgruntled ones in the congregation and hopefully one or two already of the 'conscious class'. If it helps only these ones, then its been worth it.


    This is one of the Funniest Threads this year..

    Do you have any Idea how Scared JW`s will be..

    To find those pamphlets on thier car,at the Kingdom Hall?

    There are Demons..

    In the Kingdom Hall Parking Lot!!..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

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