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  • iknowall558

    I finally went out on a 'ministry' work. With a bit of help, I took all of my anti Witness leaflets and put them through the doors of as many witnesses as I could in a 2hour time period. It was the easiest and most exhilirating thing I've ever done. My adrenalin was through the roof, mainly because I realised I have no fear any more and because I knew I was doing a good thing. I know that, as JWs, they will probably put the information straight into the nearest dustbin, but I have hope that even just one person may read them.

    I then went to the Kingdom Hall while the meeting was in progress and put leaflets on all the cars in the car park and on those parked on the kerbside. This is the kind of apostate I want to be.......the kind I was warned about when I was an active dub. The local Hall shares with another congregation and both have 'local needs' talks scheduled this week. Come Thursday, I think the sister congregation may change, or incorporate into their local needs talk the 'problem with apostates'. A comment was mentioned by an elder, not that long ago, that the big 'drama'/'scandal' of all us 'apostates' leaving together, had the congregation rocking for a bit, but "now it's all gone quiet". Well, think again.......!

    The CO is due to visit in a couple of weeks, and instead of having everything ship-shape, with all the shepherding calls done and paperwork tidied and presenting themselves as an ideal congregation.....they are going to have this wee 'problem' to present to him. I haven't finished distributing the leaflets yet, and will be out here and there, with no set pattern, just to let them know we havent gone away. I also have leaflets for the public.."Danger at you Door", that warns them and enlightens them to the other side of JWs. These will be distributed during CO visit. I will be in the specific territory the day before its due to be worked.....and yes, thats all covered too.

    All leaflets were sent by "First and last Ministries" based here in Britain. All their leaflets can be requested free of charge......(but you may make a donation if you wish.) Only one of the founders is an ex-JW, and the other never has been, but feels that this is an important work for him, to rescue JWs and Mormons, and others caught up in cults They have informed me that they are now receiving requests from the USA and with that they are very pleased.

    Please, if anyone feels inclined to do the same, then please get in touch with them. In the meantime, I will keep you up to date with any feedback I get, good or bad, but I a happy bunny today.

  • quietlyleaving
    I then went to the Kingdom Hall while the meeting was in progress and put leaflets on all the cars in the car park and on those parked on the kerbside

    I always wanted to do that!

    we've been having fun and games over here too but of a different nature - lol

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I hope you got to count your time.

    I'm just having a look at the "Danger ..." tract now.



  • iMARX

    Omg, you are a legend! I want to do that!!!

    What do the leaflets say? How can I order them???

  • iknowall558

    Just go on to "First and Last Ministries" website.

  • cameo-d

    What a sport you are! Sneaking out like that with a mission reminds me of the kicks I used to get rolling teachers cars in toilet paper with my friends!

    I would think the leaflets stand a better chance of being read when left "privately" rather than in KH parking lot. I can just see an El coming out with a little garbage can to take the papers away from people as they go to their cars after meeting.

    Maybe all Team Apostates should adopt a uniform:

  • cantleave
  • cameo-d


    Has this stunt left you speechless?

  • zoiks

    Wow, I would have been horrified, angry, and somewhat curious to find an apostate tract on my car, back in the day...

  • iknowall558

    quietlyleaving I'm listening....what you been up to...?

    cameo-d I agree about the "private" placements, but last night I just thought "What the Hell", and at the least, it's sending out the message to a packed congregation...elders included, that we are NOT frightened, and we are no longer under their control.

    blacksheep thanks....I dont know how to do that yet.

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