"It's Like Scientology for Black People"

by SixofNine 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • dissed

    Is Mark McCumber, the golfer still a JW? Maybe he could study with Tiger between rounds?

    You know, golf courses do remind a person of the New System pictures. Just add a few lions, some sheep, a basket of fruit, some mixed race peoples and you got it....

    With Tigers money, I'm sure he could buy his way in and get plenty of forgiveness.

  • MsDucky
  • OnTheWayOut

    That's great, MsDucky. You need to change that backdrop like they do in commercials for Coors Lite.

    Maybe a street scene or even this Watchtower scene from the Great Wall-

  • MsDucky

    OnTheWayOut, he's goin to preach to the other golfers! LOL! Like Will Smith handed Scientology handouts on the set! *Crazy*

  • chickpea

    she said the 144K seats in heaven were
    for the church fathers .... and by then i was
    laughing so hard i didnt catch the rest....

    i knew the take-away line would be
    "scientology for black people"

    i couldnt quite make out the literature
    she was holding up.... anyone catch it?

  • TD

    --George Bensen, Larry Graham, Terrance Howard, Lou Whitaker, Shonte Peoples, Evelyn Mandela....

    I never thought of it that way before but it does make a certain sense.

  • dgp

    Please, don't miss the point that this person meant that the Jehovah's witnesses are as much a cult as Scientology.

  • betterdaze

    LOL! It's finally up: Tiger Woods' Faith on the Daily Show. Samantha starts around 2:20 but the whole clip is hilarious!


  • snowbird

    I see a tiny problem.

    Tiger Woods isn't Black.


  • Dagney

    (Sherry somebody on the View.)

    That was hysterical.

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