Is this our fate?

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  • sir82

    Why do you think that just because the Bible prophesies something, it must come true?

    Most of the Bible "prophecies" that supposedly came true were either written long after the fact, or Biblical accounts were stretched, exaggerated, or just plain made up to look like prophecies came true.

    Methinks you need to do some research on the Bible, and by "research" I don't mean "the Insight books".

  • VIII

    Parable schmarable.

    Evil slave. Weevil slave.

    Is it our fate to be the bad one? Do most people have no choice but be bad because of all the prophecies, that were made before they were even born, said they'd be bad?

    why can't I have God's spirit and be born again too?

    There is, probably, a big mega-baptist church on a corner near your home, and they can help you with this question. For a mega donation.

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    I know I'll be ridiculed for these thoughts but they're directed toward those who still believe the Bible is God's word.

  • mrsjones5

    I'm not into self flagellation and no I don't think it's "our" fate. I thrown that destructive and erroneous jw doctrine crap in the trash where it belongs.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Assuming the Bible is God's word, I recommend you use an online Bible source with multiple translations and just read it by itself without any other literature and interpretative articles. Pray through Jesus Christ to his Father, then read a Bible book (I'd start with John, personally, then Romans), then pray again and sleep on what you just read. Do that every evening for a week instead of watching TV. No WT. No "Bible Teach" book. Just God's Word.

    I think you'll feel a lot better about your relationship with God and Christ and your understanding of what the Bible REALLY Teaches.

  • leavingwt

    Release the bonds, Paul. You'll never regret it.

  • xmkx

    I believe the Bible is God's word... kind of... I don't think it should be taken as literally "God's word!" like a lot of people do. I do think it was inspired by God, i.e. the writers were inspired to write it based on their experiences with God, but I don't think that God was actually guiding their hands on what to write. If He was then it rather makes Him look ignorant with all the contradictions that can be found in the Bible.

    Now, as for prophecy, one needs to understand that prophecies (in general and not just in the Bible) are not by nature meant to come true. They are predictions based on if the current situation continues down the path it's headed. While I'm sure God CAN predict the future, to do so and tell us humans about it would be denying us the one of the most important things He gave us: free will.

    As for that particular prophecy:

    "evil slave that falls away and beats his fellow slaves because the master is delaying"

    Anyone that understands human nature could predict that about any situation similar to the one described. When you have a group of people following a leader and that leader fails to lead and/or delays leadership, chances are someone in that group that has control issues is going to stand up and start pushing everyone to keep on going. Usually if someone has control issues of this nature they're going to push everyone way harder than they should (i.e. "beat" them).

    Jesus' betrayal was another highly likely situation. Someone always tries to destroy a great leader and it's usually someone close to that leader. That's also still assuming that Jesus was the leader the Jews were waiting for. There was more than one "Jesus" walking around at the time who was rumored to perform miracles and was teaching similar concepts. There's even a conspiracy theory about Jesus' rise from dead actually being a hoax performed by one of his competitors that looked similar to him but never gained the kind of popularity he had.

    Personally I feel that it is not important whether or not the prophecies in the Bible are "true" and "from God". If they are, there's nothing we can do to avoid them so we might as well continue living our lives and hoping for the best. If they are not, then they obviously are not of any importance at all.

  • PSacramento

    Judas served his purpose and was loved by Jesus as were all his disciples.

    There is no good without evil and no dark without the light, but to think that we are evil and fated for evil is just an easy way out of excusing ourselves when we do what is wrong KNOWING it is wrong.

    God doesn't expect perfection from us, why would he?

    However, WE should expect ourselves, knowing what is right and wrong, to do what is right and to NOT do what is wrong.

  • watson
    Ynot: Didn't Jesus say that it would have been better if Judas had never been born? Doesn't that mean that some are destined for destruction regardless of what they want?

    Probably relating to Ecclesiastes 7:1? Judas went out with a bad reputation.

  • mouthy

    I suggest again Paul you get help from a Doctor....You are depressed.
    I believe I am born again...But I didnt have to go anywhere to be born again
    we are told ( if you believe scripture) to go into your chamber( room) & speak
    to God ( Jesus Christ since HE payed for all sin)Ask HIm to send the Comforter
    & teach you the truth...( I did go to Pa convention of EX JWS & heard this)
    So I did it ,the best thing I ever did in my opinion.
    But I ,,,like you felt I was a Judas when they first kicked me out.
    Go to differant Churches if you want,it was an eye opener for me.
    You have to get your head cleared of the WT doctrine...It is false
    If you continue to keep on thinking your no good.You will eventually
    end up in a nut house. Play good music, take healthy walks, get your mind
    off the WT crap!!!!! It will send you of the deep end.

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