Is this our fate?

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  • KingDavidwasframed


    I still believe the Bible is God's word and believe in Him. As mentioned earlier. if there is an evil slave class who beats his fellow man because the master is delaying.....who keeps predicting when they expect the master and then beat their brothers because they didn't agree with their decisions and math? You are being made to feel like the bad one but let this other illustration NOT escape you: When JC asked who really did the will of His Father, was it the one who claimed he would and made a show of it? Or the one who said he wouldn't and then did?

    Another story my father directed to me that I do not ever recall seeing in any WT was that of David (hmmmmm - something to do with my moniker perhaps). When he was to face Goliath, did ANYONE expect him to win? When Samuel was to annoint a son of Jesse, was David the first choice? Going back to his battle with Goliath, before he faced the giant, what did he do? He went to a stream and collected -how many? - smooth stones? Not one - but 5. Now did his choosing 5 stones show that he lacked faith in Jehovah? (Probably why the society does not use this line of reasoning). NO! We all know that he trusted in Jehovah - but he wasn't presumptuous to the point of expecting Jehovah to grant him victory on the first shot, so he brought back up. Just because he was victorious on the first shot doesn't mean he wasn't prepared for needing to dig deeper into his satchel.

    Just because you have never been made to feel special or worthy does not mean you are automatically the evil slave or part of it. How do you think the Samaritan woman felt at the well talking to the Messiah? How do you think the Scribes and Pharasees viewed her? Who was in a better position to receive everlasting life in the end? Paul, you are conscious of your spiritual need (a blessing of the beattitudes), you do not feel you are "entitled" and THAT my friend, puts you in a better position before our true Judge JC than any self proclaimed spokesperson of God just because they use His name.

    Now with that in mind, don't get all cocky and start beating up your brothers, but rather - show them the love Jehovah would want you to and reject the leanings of the white washed graves.


  • KingDavidwasframed

    Soooooooo.. Any word on how Paul is doing?

  • mouthy

    Not so far ...Still waiting

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    Hi Mouthy, Voideater, Kingdavidwasframed, Billy, Nathan, Ynot, Snowbird, linp24, Opus, Noni, flipper, beks, mad, leaving, xmks, PS,

    Thank you for your interest in me. I feel much better knowing you're praying for me Mouthy. The doctors visit went well and I'll tell you about it when I get home from work today. He had some interesting views on the Bible too. (I just took a moment now to log-on here during my lunch break).

    Kingdavidwasframed, you have some powerfully logical arguments. I've never thought of those points before. I like your father.

  • undertheradar


    So pleased you took the excellent and caring advice you were given here.

    I'd just like to add that, whether we believe in the 'Garden of Eden' story or not, it does convey the thought of how important freedom is. God risked everything to give Adam and Eve the freedom of choice.

    You have the freedom to choose which thoughts you want to keep focusing on and which ones you don't.

    You can choose to focus on your good points and stop blaming yourself. It takes effort to change our thoughts, but it gets easier, and it is so worthwhile.

  • VoidEater

    Glad to see you with us here, and thank you for letting us know you're OK.

    With love and respect for your journey -ve

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    I went to see the doctor yesterday. The only thing I was afraid of, before I went in, was that he might be a Jehovah's Witness and tell me something like: 'Of course your depressed! You left Jehovah!' Thankfully that didn't happen. The conversation went something like this:

    I told him what I was thinking about. That I couldn't stop thinking about religious thoughts. That I think I've lost God's favor and... "Wait" he said, "you think you're going to hell, right?" "Something like that" I said. "That's very common thinking among people of all religions." he said "You can't take the words of Jesus literally. It's all allegory". I said "what about when Jesus talked about the broad road to destruction and the narrow road to life?. Doesn't that mean most people don't have God's favor and are going to die?" "That's not literal" he said "That's the destruction of your mind. Hell is a state of mind... the place you are right now." I said "I keep thinking I'm going to die at armageddon" he said "we're all going to face our own personal armageddons".

    The conversation went on like this for quite awhile. I was kind of surprised because he's a psychiatrist, and I thought they were mainly about chemical imbalances and medications.

    He didn't say whether he thought I was depressed or not. He didn't put me on an anti-depressant because he said sometimes it can make your thoughts of panic get worse. He's having me try a mood stabilizer instead. He also gave me a traquilizer.

    I'm not convinced my thinking is flawed but I'll try this to see if it helps me from always being so down.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    vampire in brooklyn (key part is toward the end)

  • mouthy

    Paul What a good boy to come back & tell us how you fared (((((((HUG)))

    He sounds like he is an o.k Dr not to put you on pills ( anti depressive)right away
    I too think we can make" Hell" part of our brain,,,If we keep belittling ourselves
    Thank you my adopted grand child for following up on the DR & filling us in

    This is what I say nightly ( I pray for every one of my kids,grandkids,great grandkids each by name
    Then I pray for all those suffering in other countries & those who are hungry, ill,suffering
    All those on the JWN line ,then I ask a special prayer for Paul in Cleveland ( I tell HIM HE knows who he is.)
    Also I pray for "lifeto short" who is a poster who is married to a JW ( she was one also) & is needing
    support I love her never met her though ..... Yes I too think GOD say's "OH NO THERE IS MOUTHY AGAIN"
    But he has blessed me in many ways

    Now watch out cos a few of my" kids"on here will try to chuck some rocks at me .
    But I am gonna fool em cos I am getting off & going to bed LOL((((((((HUGS)))))

  • KingDavidwasframed


    About 2 years before I faded (without support from a resource such as this) I too thought I had lost God's favor. I was belittled at the hall, by my wife and by my own personal demons so to speak. My father had died, business was hurting and I had no joy and felt deeply depressed and at times suicidal. Remember that Jehovah makes it rain upon the righteous and the unrighteous. He is not going to bless or curse my harvest based on my service to Him. Do you have children? Reflect on Jesus' words about (paraphrasing here) "What father would hand his child a serpent if he was asked for a fish?" What about Jesus speaking of the two people praying in the synagogue? The proud one saying thank-you for not making me like that sinner over there" and the sinner praying "please forgive me for being a sinner" Which one had more favor in God's eyes? Please do not let a self proclaimed slave whose only job is to feed (but instead prophesies and beats its fellow slaves) make you feel unworthy of God's love


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