Is this our fate?

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  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    Is there fate? If so, are we fated to be the bad evil slave?

    If the bible prophecies that there will be an 'evil slave that falls away and beats his fellow slaves because the master is delaying' doesn't that mean that someone has to fulfill that prophecy otherwise the prophecy would be false? In other words, some one or a group of people have no choice but to be the 'evil slave'. Just like it was prophesied that someone would betray Jesus... so no matter what, one of the apostles had to betray him... they couldn't just all have chosen to be loyal. Couldn't it be that most every one on earth doesn't have a choice but to reject God because if it were any other way prophecy wouldn't be fulfilled? Is it our fate to be the bad one? Do most people have no choice but be bad because of all the prophecies, that were made before they were even born, said they'd be bad? (Broad road to destruction, etc, etc)

  • diamondiiz

    What makes you think we're evil slave? IF bible is actually true then WTS is the evil slave and one could easily argue that they are being used by Satan! But really, since no one hears anything from God, one can't be sure if He really exists or is just a figment of our imagination. There is no reason to even imagine that WTS is God's channel as these scum bags are decievers, liars and they hurt so many people with their empty reasonings. There are millions of people who put faith in their empty promises who are blackmailed with a loss of family and friends if they even make a sound in opposition to the dirt bags at bethal. Think about it! You are free of these dirt bags, the only thing you need is set your mind free of the chains that still imprison you, the sadness and bitterness will eventually go away and in time you won't even think about the past fantasy - at least that's what I hear as I'm still getting over the bitter part. But life is better when you know the reality than living a dream that will never come

  • ziddina

    Uhh, I'm not going to get my panties in a twist about some 'fate'... 'Specially when I realize what a

    [here we go again... ]

    young religion Christianity is... Anything that's younger than: hoop skirts (approx. 4,000 to 5,000 years old - as old or older than Egyptian pyramids), the Egyptian pyramids, while we're at it..., flushing toilets [the Minoan civilization...], the Stone Age, etc., etc...

    The bible and all religions based upon it are among the YOUNGEST RELIGIONS ON THE PLANET ... Hell, Buddhism is around 700 YEARS older than Christianity; and Egyptian, Hittite, and especially Minoan cultures are far older than the bible... Then there's Goddess worship, which [as of this date] can be dated back at least 35,000 years - that leaves those Johnny-come-lately Middle Eastern gods [of the Talmud, the bible, and the Koran...] in the dust...

    I've always said, and am amazed that others haven't figured this out for themselves - if there is a deity over this planet, its worship WON'T BE FOUND IN THE YOUNGEST RELIGIONS!!!!

    And that pretty much negates any 'fate'... As to whether we - by 'we', I assume you mean those of us actively opposed to the Watchtower Bible Tract Society's continued manipulation of its members?? As to whether 'we' will continue to work at providing ACCURATE information about the less-savory and less-well-known aspects of the WTBTS religion...

    Well, that's a FATE I'd be PROUD OF !!!

    Zid ( I miss my 'smileys'...)

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    I'm just thinking because I've always known from childhood that I would be the bad one... I wanted to be the good one but I wasn't. I always felt like Cain...

  • OnTheWayOut

    Just like it was prophesied that someone would betray Jesus... so no matter what, one of the apostles had to betray him...

    Wow, I don't want to live in your reality. God or Jesus are recorded to say something and WHAM BANG, it happens.
    Maybe you've been reading THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST by Robert Heinlein where all written fictions are true.

    The Jesus story is some kind of fiction, possibly inspired by a true story. The different writers didn't even keep their stories from conflicting with each other.

  • ziddina

    That reminds me of a thread I'd like to start, if I had the time...

    All about how the 'naughty' child who's always "acting out" is actually being too terribly obedient to the underlying attitudes and beliefs of any dysfunctional family...

    Puh-LeeeeZZZE don't consider yourself to be the 'bad one'... That's a shallow viewpoint; though I'd lay money on it that your viewpoint was foisted upon you, that you didn't decide you were the "BAD" one all by yourself....

    Am I right, Hmmm???


  • beksbks

    Paul, you need to relax. Consider the possibility that you're ok, and the bible is a made up fantasy. Be good to your fellow humans, what more can one do?

  • flipper

    PAUL- DIAMOND DIZ pretty much hit it right on. IF there is an evil slave you can relax. It's not you, it's not me , or anybody else posting on this board. It would have to be the WT society as they have been beating the hell, figuratively , out of their rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses for years ! Where would you like me to start ? Teaching false doctrines of a fictitious " time of the end " since 1914 to make people waste their lives on a fictitious hope of a paradise ? Members dying for years due to not taking blood transfusions , but, oh, then the WT society changed and said it's O.K. to take blood fractions ? Who is responsible for the people who died before then who might have been saved by blood fractions ? You got it- the freaking WT society. Thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses died and were bludgeoned to death in Malawi due to the WT society telling them not to buy a political I.D. card . Yet in Mexico at the same time Jehovah's Witness young men were allowed to join the military service by the WT society with their backing.

    These are just a few examples Paul that you need to inform yourself of so you don't think the WT society is that " faithful slave " you are talking about. Please read " Crisis of Conscience " by Ray Franz to get the REAL story of what goes on in Bethel. And I highly recommend " Combatting Cult Mind Control " and " Releasing the Bonds- Empowering People to Think for Themselves " both by Steve Hassan. If you read these books it will make you feel better about yourself and you will stop berating yourself and beating yourself up. You are a good person- you have no reasons to berate yourself anymore with guilt and fear. Please read these books. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • yknot

    Ahhh sweety......

    That verse is part of a series of parables designed to make us think as individuals about our actions in comparison to the illustrations.......

    Yes the WTS insist it is prophecy but it isn' have and will continue to slip into dominating one another via feelings of entitlement.

    If Jesus really wanted a single organization why didn't he just "refine" the Pharisees? They were a ruling class on spiritual and law matters afterall, but no he condemned them as vipers and sons of Satan.

    Perhaps one day Xians will be fully united before Christ coming, maybe not.....maybe what binds us is our heart condition and our daily application of Jesus teachings to our lives so that should he arrive at a time when we have not taken notice he will still find us living according to what he set forth.

    Sifting through the layers of a lifetime of being JW is painful, heartwrenching, gutting and scary.......but it does go away with discerning the myth created by Rutherford so many years ago as means of explanation of Russell's and his failed predictions.

    The myth continues to allows the WTS to make uber mistakes, claim imperfection but still demand complete loyalty in the face of their 130 years of being wrong .....

    They have been selling Armageddon for 130 years.....that would mean you, your mom, grandma, great-grandma and maybe even your great-great grandma all were told they would live to see the 'new system' that this system of things would be gone!......and none of those promises and assurances have ever panned out!

    They are just making this stuff up as they go...... there is even a chance that your great-great grandchildren will hear this sales pitch! Remember now that the generation spans from those of 1914 to those who will be born in 2014 and will be anointed in their lifetime......yes the WTS has already making plans to stay another 124 years (or more depending on regerative medicine).

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Wow, I don't want to live in your reality.

    Onthewayout: I don't want to live in my reality either.

    Ynot: Didn't Jesus say that it would have been better if Judas had never been born? Doesn't that mean that some are destined for destruction regardless of what they want?

    maybe what binds us is our heart condition and our daily application of Jesus teachings to our lives so that should he arrive at a time when we have not taken notice he will still find us living according to what he set forth.

    Also, I can't live according to what he set forth. I can't even come close. Do you feel that you are able to do it? Do you feel that you have God's spirit? If the witnesses aren't true, and there aren't two classes of Christians, why can't I have God's spirit and be born again too? Is that something reserved only for those of God's choosing? If so, doesn't that mean that if God doesn't choose me I'm doomed, regardless of the fact that I would like to be saved? Perhaps I'm group similar to the group Judas was in and it would have been better if I hadn't been born. I know I don't have God's spirit... if I had it I would know it, right?

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