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  • 5thGeneration

    Maybe Blondie can verify! Just curious whether I got it right. Some of it was from the web too.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    You're right about the lack of urgency with the current understanding. And since the number of partakers has been on the rise, "this generation" would go on forever.

    Similarly, with the current understanding, "this generation" began in 33CE, 2000 years ago. Yeah, some "sign of the end". Perhaps we're only in the middle and the end will come in another couple thousand years.

    As noted, even if you take "this generation" = "a generation" + "another generation", the realistic figures would still be 40+40=80. So 1914+80=1994... expired.

    How long with this explanation last before they have to trot out another one? They still haven't bothered to update the "Reasoning" book for the old "1914 generation" explanation.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    5thgeneration - I think your list is pretty accurate but I believe the 2008 interpretation was a return to what was believed around 1917. I think the first interpretation was adopted well after 1914. The WTS believed for many years that the generation began in 1874.

    It really brings it home that they are not inspired by God on this matter when you list all the interpretations like that, thanks.

  • agonus

    The WT continues to crap this stuff out like they're on a force-fed chili diet.

    And... STILL... continues to refer to everybody but themselves as "Babylon the Great".

    "Babylon" literally means "Confusion."

    Clearly, the light is getting brighter.

  • peacedog


    can't wait to see this in print.....

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I can't wait to see it in print, or hear it from a platform, either. Right now it is simply a hearsay report on the ramblings of a geezer, not Noo Lite.

  • shamus100

    Well DUHHH they are going to change it!

    The original false prophet of the 19th century will never change...

    Nothing more than more goddamned nonsense spewing from the glubberning body with countless idiots to gobble up the pablum.

  • molly1

    I left he organization 25 years ago. my parents became involved when i was 5. they divorced and were both disfellowshiped when i was 10. they were always believers though. i got involved again when i was 22 and been married for 3 years to a non believer. the hell it wreaked on my life because i thought it was the truth can't be measured. my husband and i decided not to have children and bring them into a divided home. i would have given up my marriage to a wonderful man who should of left me. he put up with me being in this cult for 10 years. he would point out during this time all the lies and inconsistencies of the watchtower but i was always thinking it was the great satan trying to take me away from"god's organization" the 3 years before i finally left, my days were spent in inner turmoil and deep depression. my husband always said one of these days the light is going to go on and you are going to see that its not you its the organization that has lied to you. finally after one circuit oversear visit whose talk thoroughly disgust me i started looking up all those sources they so lovingly put in the back of the watchtower and awake for you to cross reference. i could'nt believe the out right distortion of what was being said from their sources. i realized these were delibert acts of deceiving the "sheep" knowing 99 percent would never look the information up. ...afer all we could have complete trust in the virtues of the gb. they would never lie or deceive. it was like how a young child has complete trust in their parents. my whole world as a jw came crumbling down, to realize i was so duped all these years and sacrificed so much for a lie. i can't tell you how many times i asked the elders for help to my questions over the years only to be told pray to jehovah, just read what is in the watchtower and go to meetings. when i left, the elders went from lets help her find her way back to lets get her. that's for another time to discuss. i have always wanted others to wake up to the watchtower society's lies but it takes real courage to look and admit you are wrong. it comes at a great cost, i was a devout witness and had many strong friendships. i knew leaving that i would be labled an apostate and would loose their friendship. it was truly gut wrenching but when pandors's box is opened theres no going back. how could i go back to the kingdom hall and listen to this crap they were dealing out and go door to door. it cost be a lot to leave but i gained a precious freedom. i had my mind back free to investigate claims without feeling like the demons were out to get you. the society always wants to make you feel evil for independent thinking... thats what got adam and eve in to trouble don't you know. they want other people to look into their religous beliefs but are not willing to put their own beliefs to the fire. Even though this riduculous "generation" thing they are trying to pass off as new light..... most of the following will swallow it.... they have to. the cost is too much to leave and too scarry. to loose your family and friends, admit you have been wrong all these years to outsiders who you have preached the "truth" to. not many have the strength or courage to do so. its easier to go along with the status quo. be a good jw and take it. fear and guilt are the tools of the gb and of course the boogey man "Satan and his demons"

  • JustHuman14

    What a crap and bullsh*t do the GB sells to the Witness...and they EAT IT...WT and their self appointed GB they are in deep sh*t. It all comes with the wrong dates of 607b.c and all the teachings regarding this date.

    It doesn't have sense any more...With their logic of the contemporary generation and the first anointed ones with the second generation of anointed, makes me part of the Greek generation of soldiers that we conquered the world 2500 years ago with our King ALEXANDER THE GREAT!!!

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