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  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    This is fantastic news, if it is true.

    All this buffoonery makes it a little bit easier for people to shake off the shackles of mind control. I really do hope that it is true.

    This along with the kooky blood policy, gives those of us who care about the people left behind some convincing amunition!


    The Oracle

  • thetrueone

    Unofficially, the 'Generation' is now categorized as 2 groups. The first is 'the 1914 group' and the second is the younger anointed 'contemporaries' who 'actually work for a period of time with those anointed ones'.

    The 'Generation' is now 'the lifespan of those who actually saw the beginning of the sign and then the lifespan of those who worked with those who saw the beginning of the sign'.

    Sounds like the Tower of Babel is about to come tumbling down.

    When a group of supposed bible interpreters put forth expansionary wording into the bible themselves,

    you know their drawing off straws to keep themselves alive.

    Must keep the Corporation afloat is the mantra of the GB these days.

    That label they have put onto themselves as being the one only

    organization of god is starting to fade and fade quickly.

  • oompa

    GENERATION INFORMATION SPECULATION QUARTERLY...........well that works for me...has a ring to it even..........oomps

    for some reason this thread just cracked me up....maybe because i have cried that i did not away in 1995 when they took my lifes dread away....

  • highdose

    this is sooooooo great! it will do such a lot of damage, please can those in the know, let everyone here know when the R&F find out, ... once its on general realese i could really use this info

  • stuckinlimbo

    I really don't understand why they would change the current "Generation are the annointed" explanation. It's perfect, it allows the generation to continue indefinitely.

    In order for them to change it, there has obviously been some backlash from within, with regard to the Feb 09 WT announcing the change. They must have figured that "this generation will by no means pass away" is meaningless when it refers to the annointed and people (JWs) are now allowed to become annointed again. They must have realised this means there is no imminent end! They need a sense of urgency!! So we need to tie the generation dogma to dates pointing to our current time period. Its an end times prediction all over again just more subtle.

    Surely they would have more credibility if they stuck to the last "new light" for more than a year... but why bother when all the R&F accept everything that comes from the WT.

    Maybe I should tell my family what I believe the generation teaching should be and explain this new view, then when they see it in the WT they'll wonder how I was ahead of the org, maybe I'm inspired

    I did the same kinda thing with the last new light, I pointed to the 1915 view on the generation knowing that it was to be printed in their WT a month later. I was thinking "Yay now they'll see the WT has gone around in a complete circle". Nothing... They didn't even seem to notice

    My mother is one of the "they have everything else right" crowd.

  • teel

    stuckinlimbo, you answered to your own confusion the WTS is walking a fine line between instilling urgency and not giving specific end-years (they fried themselves more than enough with that one). So they juggle with the generation, they can't keep an open generation that can last for indefinite time.

    BTW I'm wondering whether someone from the higher-ups in Bethel is monitoring such threads, and gauges the possible response from the JW community to an official change. Because then we're doing counter productive work here. Am I a bit paranoid?

  • inbetween

    teel, I was thinking the exact same, but then, I believe, they are just so sure of themselves, they pull out anything they want, the "spritual strong" ones will follow them, no doubt.

    What was the reaction of most JW to last WT-article nonsense rule about public paryer behaviour (not embracing etc) ??

    well, its from "mother", so its critic allowed...

    or why do you think, humility is soo emphasized ? (twisting real humility to braindead submission actaully)

  • TD
    Because then we're doing counter productive work here. Am I a bit paranoid?

    --No, you're dead on.

  • minimus

    Can anyone detail what "this generation" has been understood to be over the last 5 or 6 decades?

  • 5thGeneration

    Something like this! I think it's right! SHEESH!

    1914-1952: Generation of people alive in 1914 and their entire lifetime, possibly 80 years or more.

    1968: Generation of people old enough to witness with understanding what took place when the 'last days' began".

    1980: Generation able simply "to observe" when World War I had begun.

    1995: Contemporary people of a certain historical period, with their identifying characteristics.

    2008: Anointed believers, some of whom will still be alive on earth when the great tribulation begins.

    2010: Anointed alive in 1914 and their contemporaries who worked with them. (HELLO ANOTHER 50 YEARS!)

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