I've had enough of this place

by Psychotic Parrot 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Where'd he go? Why bother posting if you're not going to read the responses?

  • AwSnap

    ...Has anybody heard from P.Parrot? through pm's or otherwise? I hope he is ok.

  • EverAStudent

    To Psychotic Parrot: Never do anything permanent to yourself or others on the basis of your unhappy emotions!!!! Take a deep breath, call your best friend, go meet for your favorite comfort food, and make an appointment with your family doctor.

    None of those are long-lasting fixes, but they help get us over the worst of our slumps.

    Deep down such emotions almost always come from an unfulfilled spiritual search. No, I can't prove it and won't try. I am not advocating jumping into another error-plagued hierarchically-organized religion, but there is great comfort in turning to the Jesus who created you. He heals, forgives, and protects, and we don't have to lift one finger or knock on one door to be given those spiritual gifts.

    Again, call a friend, talk to your family doctor, call on Jesus, don't do anything rashly...

    Praying for you.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Psycho Parrot now now... We aren't all bitter... We all have our ups and downs. No need to end life because of others... you need a hug and a drink!!

    And here is a laugh...


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