I've had enough of this place

by Psychotic Parrot 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • Farkel

    Psychotic parrot,

    Just how bad are your problems? I cannot walk 20 yards without having to stop and spend 5 minutes to catch my breath. I have some sort of lung infection, maybe mold related, but I cannot afford to take care of it. When I make my bed at night, it takes me ten minutes to catch my breath. My heart is beating wildly just so I can live. I have to sleep for several hours each day just to slow my heart down and be able to take a decent breath.

    I WANT to live, but I cannot breath to do it normally. I am basically suffocating 80% of the time I am awake. And it is not fun.

    So quit whining. Your problems could be much worse, you know. At least you are not suffocating like me.


  • Gregor

    Had no idea, Fark. My heart goes out to you. Emphesema? Heart desease?

    I think PP should appreciate the perspective you've given him. Life is precious and worth a struggle.

  • avishai

    Sorry Farkel. I know what being disabled is like, man.

  • LouBelle

    okay then good bye.

    you sound so bitter - I'm sure you have your own reasons, but life is what YOU make it. Don't worry about anyone else, look after and love yourself.

  • cattails

    If someone posts a desperate message like PsyP's. it's not right for some folks to poke fun at it.

    I hope the best for PsyP. and that he's just dumping this forum and all it's ugliness and not life in general.

    Even when things get so bad you feel like you're swimming in a cesspool, there's always a good soul who'll

    extend a hand and get dirty to pull you out, messy or not we all suffer and I am in awe of people who are

    trained to help folks out of depression and emotional pain. I don't know how they do their stuff, but I know

    they have the training and the willingness to help. This world is too full of pain and of sick minds like the

    farce who shot people in Fort Hood. We need real heroes who will help those in need, who are hurting and

    need serious help from qualified counselors.

    PsyP if you're still reading these posts I pray and hope you'll find someone who can be your hero, to help

    pull you out of the deep pits of despair we fall into in our desperate lives. There are people who can help

    and who want to help. I wish I could help more, but I just don't know what to do or say except I know that

    there's help available. Please know there are good people all over, including in this forum who care and

    who want the best for you and others.

  • snowbird

    Hugs to all - especially Psychotic Parrot and Farkel.


  • creativhoney

    Hmm. you need to see a doctor. and possibly a psychologist. you always change circumstances but you can change the way you think about them x

  • PSacramento


    Extremisim is what drives people "crazy", being a moderate and having a "live and let live" attitude makes life far more easier.

    You don't wanna believe in God? fine, no one says you h ave to, just remember that YOU not believing doesn't mean that every one else has to stop believing too.

    When we express out views they are just that, our views and we ALL are as full of shit as everyone else.

    If people agree or disagree, that has nothing to do with Us.

    Everyone is right and everyone is special, just like everyone else is.

  • parakeet

    Parrot, get yourself to a doctor at once. Scaring us with your despair will not help you. Medication and therapy will.

  • parakeet

    Farkel, get yourself to an emergency room and get some treatment. Screw the cost. If you can't pay, the hospital should have someone whose function is to find a way to pay for patients who can't afford it. I forget what that office is called -- Patient Support or something like that. Does anyone know how that works? Please sign in if you do.

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