Is internet dating for losers?

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  • creativhoney

    lol thanks Newborn. at least I can laugh.. (even if it is in a corner, rocking gently)

  • sacolton

    I'm a Graphic Artist/Multimedia Coordinator. We should hook up.

  • moshe

    This sure brings back memories! The Internet was just getting social dating sites going back in the 90's when I was single. I have a friend who is 5'4" tall and weights 250lbs- he checks average build on all those dating sites- headshot pics only- and then he is disapointed when the dates don't work out. He expains that he is average for his age- 57, because all men his age carry extra weight! - he falls into the morbid obese categeory. But of course he always goes after the size 8 girls.

    I would always ask a girl before I went out with her, is she can cross her legs- any pause on that one and I knew her weight put her above a size 14. I you're a woman, you can ask him if he can see his feet when standing up.

  • Finally-Free
    I you're a woman, you can ask him if he can see his feet when standing up.

    ...or you can ask if he can see his dick without a mirror.

    I tried the internet dating thing. What a waste of time. After entering the 25 mile distance I was willing to travel, I still received "matches" from the other side of the continent. I got quite a few messages from women. Half were nearing retirement age and were probably looking for someone to help support them. The rest were in the right age group but looked like they had been rejected by every trailor park in North America. Ok, I think one or two had teeth.

    I eventually updated my profile, so now it says that I'm a smoking, drinking, drug user who is overweight and perpetually unwashed. No messages yet, but a few hot babes actually "viewed" me.

    It really makes me wonder.


  • Satanus

    I don't see the point of lying. I mean, you're gonna blow it, anyway. Why not blow it, honestly.


  • creativhoney

    hahah saco because that makes us compatible ... cool though. :D what kind of stuff do you do?

  • creativhoney

    @moshe, that having been said if I get so far as to add someone to msn and then they start questioning me about my appearance and so on I lose interest.

    one said to me recently , can you cook? I said yes very well thanks, he said oh good. so I said, can you? and he said no. I said, oh thats not good then. - my profile has full photos of me though - stood up, sat down, and in normal situations, - ie not contrived.

    one has fangs lol.. my profile is bitchin and evil lol xx

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I don't think inter-net dating is for losers, but I do hear of problems of people hanging on and being chased down by people you don't want to be

    involved with. Not so much a problem for guys but for girls trying to shake a guy away.

    This is where you have to be especially careful about who you are connecting with.

    Some people have had good results , some haven't.

    Play the game but be careful while playing.

  • sacolton

    Creativhoney -

    Nah, not necessarily compatible, but a common ground. I mostly work with clients from idea to finished product - creating posters, flyers, banners, brochures, information packets, logos, etc. Also help with Powerpoint presentations and video productions. I've been a Graphic Artist for 20 years and love it.

    Heck, I even made this after I left "the troof" ...

  • creativhoney

    heres a summary of todays inbox for me lol..(not all of them cos some are just plain boring)

    No 1.. You do seem very focused on what you want in a relationship, which I must say comes across both very refreshing yet intimidating. I'm guessing you don't want to hear a lot of the usual "Your picture looks nice" so I won't. I've tried to get the ball rolling rolling, the rest lovely looking girl, is up to you. he gets me... but I dont fancy him AT ALL...

    No 2 cheeky pig.. he expects a response? Just thought i'd take a look no disrespect but i got bored half way down, at more now you have had time to think!!.. try looking at me if you like what you see talk to me.. MY response.. if you were bored half way down then how about a lifetime? Im bored already. .. (jeez did he think i would say oh yes *ahem* it is a bit long... flutter flutter..

    No 3.. Im vince from Darwen I'd like to chat mail me if you want I love going out, sport , drinking and enjoying myself x(wow you sound like a catch)

    No4 nice photos.hi ya ,did you go out for bonfire night.I went to a really good fire work display x err I dont know you

    No 5 I have a tattoo - the line art on my profile is on my thigh reaching out to touch - and i have been told i look better in real life than the photo ( many times) - thats just one way of saying, my ophoto is ugly, I am ugly too, but not quite as ugly as the photo.

    No 6 - how are you doing today x utterly thought provoking

    and just in.. someone who asked once and i said no, and is trying again cos my photo is different so cleary they message everyone..

    this is why I dont bother..

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