Did You Have Any Weirdo JWs In Your Hall?

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  • VIII

    I think it goes without saying that most long term JWs are weirdos. Present company not withstanding.

    Once you get the JW sucked out of you, the weirdness seems to get sucked out also. More or less. For most people.

    My grandmother was a screamer. She could only communicate by yelling about "Jehovah, Jehovah!!!!" I, as a kid, would ask her a question and her answer would be that Satan was in my soul and I was going to die at Armageddon. I told her she was crazy and ran. (She and I didn't have the bestest relationship)

    She claimed to be of the Annointed class and this old gal was so craaazzzyyy that if Jehovah wants her up there ruling with him, we are all truly damned.

  • minimus

    We had an elder who was accused of having sex with a black sister by the above mentioned elderly Pioneer I mentioned from the beginning. He told the elders of his suspicions and was told by the elder he'd have to wait in the car while he shepherded the sister. Not long afterward she had a child and I didn't think it looked like the elder but the Pioneer did! He'd tell people that Bro G was with this woman and "now they have a Ni**er Baby". Since there was no proof and only denials, the elders told the old Pioneer that if he didn't stop it, he was going to get DF'd!

  • minimus

    The same elderly Pioneer ended up getting removed as a Pioneer and a MS. He had a thing against blacks. He would comment at the meetings and "pontificate" during his answers. A few times he said in a very loud voice," It reminds me of the Ni**er Pool where they only had a few cents between them". This had NOTHING to do with anything being studied. He also had it in for Jews. He said, "Such and such place is not like it used to be since the Jews took the town over".

  • Dagney

    When my friend was explaining about her mentally challenged sister to a sister in the hall, the sister in the hall said, "..don't matter, we have a whole row of em." We use that comment quite a lot.

    Honestly, there were always characters in the congos. Many many characters.

  • pat1060

    I'm with Cantleave,they are all wierd....

  • mouthy

    Yeah ME!!!

  • RubaDub

    I'll never forget this old Greek brother (pioneer) who drove a Rambler.

    When starting the car, he would literally push the gas petal to the floor and hold it there for what seemed like a minute or more.

    I felt sorry for the car, especially in the winter. We all thought he would just blow the engine before the oil started circulating.

    Even the elders told him it wasn't good to do that (you could hear the car a block away) but he kept doing it anyway.

    Odd but nice brother.

    Rub a Dub

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    A former hippie became a dub. Wanted to pioneer. Was told he couldn't be a burden on the friends and would need to have his own car. Bought a total POS rust bucket. Elders told him it was an eyesore and that it detracted from the message.

    "If you're going to keep it, at least get it a new paint job."

    One bucket, one brush and a gallon or so later, it had a new paint job! Brush marks and all!

    That guy was a hoot. Very sincere and on more than one occasion showed the image-conscious pharisees the error of their ways.

    Unfortunately, he became Borg assimilated with time and last I heard he's a minivan driving elder.

  • doublelife

    There were several crazy people at my old hall but the worst one was the schizophrenic lady who never bathed. One time, my friend had to spray her down with febreeze when she got stuck in the same car group as her. It got so bad that the elders had to tell her she could no longer go out in service.

  • highdose

    it was my experiance that the dubs actualy got excited about finding a werdio in the ministry, it was like " goody! someone dumb enough/werid enough to belive what we preach!"

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