Did You Have Any Weirdo JWs In Your Hall?

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  • minimus

    In the 2 Halls I was in, there were a few. But the most memorable one was an elderly Pioneer who would ask the householder if they wanted to hear about "The Truth". when they quite naturally said ,"NO", he responded with, "If you don't believe in Jesus, Jesus will turn you into a PIG"!

    This same guy would determine that if a person didn't answer their bell (which he rang 5 times), they must be not at home. If duty called, he would urinate on their yards, reasoning, he had to go and nobody was home.

    I miss him.

  • cantleave

    We have 89 publisher in our hall - they are all wierd.

  • snowbird

    There was one brother who always carried a bag of brown sugar in each jacket pocket while in FS.

    When hunger pangs would hit, he would throw a few lumps into his mouth and keep going.

    He was a dear.


  • yknot

    Nope.....not on that level.

    We had some older folks who as they fell into senility spoke at the meetings as if the Nazis were still in power.

    Actually it was a very interesting lesson in what the R&F mindset was while Hitler ruled Germany.

  • Leolaia

    We had a delusional schizophrenic in our hall for a while.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    All of them were weirdos or psychotic nutcases, especially when you realize what sort of mental indoctrination they went through.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Had a man who would make overly loud emphatic noises at inappropriate times. (Not aspergers) He once said that "soon the world would experience ARMAGEDDON!" at the top of his voice. Scared the hell out of me and the householder. Funny how they weren't interested. W.Once

  • minimus

    Not as weird as my guy!

    Another example: a Pioneer (are they all weird?) used to get picked up every morning. His mother would EVERY DAY run out, make sure he had his bookbag, his rubbers or boots, gloves, hat and lunch. She would kiss him and kiss him until the car pulled away and then she would wave in the middle of the street to him and vice versa until they were nowhere in sight. The Pioneer was in his mid 30s. He still lives with his mom who has to be around 85. By the way she always had waist length gray hair.

  • Dune

    We had quite a few.

    1) Homeless witness woman. Not that i had any hatred towards the homeless, it just seemed so disresepectful when she would come into the kingdom hall lugging her suitcase around. At first all of the witnesses in the congregation were happy to give her rides and meals, but after a few months, they realized that she was just using them as a meal ticket and ignored her.

    2) Disfellowshipped guy. this guy was weird in the sense that he didn't follow the DF norm. Most of the time DF'ed witnesses came in late and left as soon as the meeting ended. Instead, he came to the meetings 10 minutes before it started and left 10 minutes after the meeting ended. he'd then walk around amongst the crowd of witnesses who were speaking to each other and if you didn't know he was DF'ed you might say hi or ask him what his name was to which he'd say "I'm disfellowshipped", in a loud voice. I found it irritating that he wasn't following the 'rules'. Now i think it was hilarious but sad at the same time.

  • minimus

    There was a DF'd guy in a nearby Hall that used to FIGHT with the demons during the meetings. I think he was insane. Soon before he committed suicide, he was at an elder's home (he wasn't df'd then) and would look at the females, excuse himself and jerk off in the host's bathroom. he confessed this and evidently made a practice of this!

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