Demonic Possesion of Inaminate Objects

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  • finallysomepride

    Here's what I could never figure out.

    Say you're a demon, right? You are superhuman, can possess a guy and make him stronger than dozens of men and able to break iron chains (per the book of Mark) can control the weather and inspire hordes to kill and pillage (per the book of Job) can materialize into human form and have your way with human women.....

    ...and you're going to possess a pencil? Or clomp around an old house and throw a book off a shelf?

    I dunno, I think I'd find a better way to pass the time, is all.

    A very good question & I have often wondered much the same thought, why? very illogical.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Belief in the demons borders on insanity.

    Sorry if I am offending some of you who believe in the demons, but remember this is a discussion board where we share our opinions.

    All of our opinions, including mine (some might say especially including mine) are far from infallible, but since I am in a sharing mood I wanted to let you all know exactly how I feel about belief in demons.

    Here is a question: If I am wrong do you think the demons will be displeased with my lack of belief....or would they be happy?

    This line of reasoning (they would be happy) always made me chuckle a bit, although I could see the reasoning from one narrow angle. But think about it. Just because I don't believe in demons doesn't make me more susceptable to their influences. How would that work? Really? How?

    Food for thought from the Oracle

  • finallysomepride

    Here is a question: If I am wrong do you think the demons will be displeased with my lack of belief....or would they be happy?

    unhappy, if no one believes in them they just go away, no belief no existance - just a thought.

    I don't realy know what to believe in these cases, I posted on topic a few days ago 'theres a ghost at my place of employment' and told of my experiences, were they real to me? yes, but wat really was happening? I don't know.

    Is there a modern day explanation for the spirit world wether it be:

    ghosts the human dead or demons trying to confuss us.

    possessed items by demons or ghosts and the list goes on

    there is no answer that is going satisfy one person, the majority or all persons on jwnet

    Belief in the demons borders on insanity.

    Most likely right on that statement.

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    It's like the uncle who came by and pulled a quarter out of your ear. Back then we were all OMFG how did he do that? and it generally stumped a lot of kids I'm sure. Here you have mankind in their infancy amazed at such parlor tricks, and couple that with how people "see what they want to see" even if the truth proves their mind a discrepancy, and you've got a recipe for disaster souffle.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Sometimes my cochlear implants will pick up faint radio sounds like music and people bantering back and forth like two dj's do. Not demuns! This stuff has metal in it and hearing aids, even, have been known to do this from time to time.

  • finallysomepride

    White Dove

    Sometimes my cochlear implants will pick up faint radio sounds like music and people bantering back and forth like two dj's do. Not demuns! This stuff has metal in it and hearing aids, even, have been known to do this from time to time.

    You are so right on that. refering my post about the cassette player, most likely the same thing, a real explanation thats not demunz

  • DrJohnStMark

    sir82:You are superhuman, supernatural... and you're going to possess a pencil?

    Wonder also why the demons, if they really are superintelligent beings, use such a lousy and old-fashioned user interface. Namely to contact the demons, according to their 'phonebooks' at least, you need to draw circles and stars in the sand, drink blood etc...

    Compare that with modern human technology: I just need to press one button of my gsm phone to talk to my mother on the other side of the globe.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    First, I'm not a Jehovah's Witness, neither am I an Evangelical or Catholic. I don't speak in tongues nor swoon while singing (I can't sing), but I've had two experience with the paranormal in my lifetime and can tell you all that there are such things as spirits...bad spirits. Don't believe everything you see on television or anywhere else, but the types of things you see on Scy-Fy Channel's GHOST HUNTERS do happen. Moreover, the spirits of evil beings do seem to manifest themselves more in the Old World than New (at least most places). I've also had friends I know and trust who have had similar experiences.

    I don't gain a whit if you believe me or not...I'm just sayin'.... My experiences were a long time ago.

    Having said that, there are cultural stories within the Witness community, as in many others. There also are many logical explanations for many, many stories where people think they see or hear something. For one thing, I NEVER draw conclusions. I risk my own credibility when I say that my mother and I many years ago saw two UFOs flying over Washington, D.C. We've live on Air Force bases and around Navy bases all our lives. My dad's a Navy aviator. So when we see two disc-shaped objects flying in perfect formation over the Nation's capital with no markings or blinking lights, we nearly jumped out of our skins.

    If you'll notice, I said UFOs, not "flying saucers" or extraterrestrial craft. Everything I can tell you is the above. We were on a hill overlooking the city (in Virginia) and the UFOs were traveling in a general north-northwest direction. They also were traveling in a skipping motion. We still have no idea what they were and I was in no mood to report them or to get my name on some crackpot list. I don't believe they were spiritual manifestations for a moment, but if someone told me they were government craft I'd believe it.

    As for the spiritual manifestations, they're personal and I have no doubts about what they were. I also had witnesses in both cases. We also were fully awake and had not been asleep. There have been occasions where I awake simply terrified, but these, I think, are natural phenomenon and I don't worry about them. I also know (and GHOST HUNTERS has mentioned this) that if some people are around high EM fields and aren't shielded, they can turn into real basket cases. Ever feel like you're being watched? See something out of the corner of your eye every now and again? Don't call an exorcist, get an EMF meter and check your house out.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    They can't see how illogical it is (I've heard of 'possessed' inanimate objects in the past). Buying a second hand item of clothing without knowing its origin could be risky BUT new clothes are alright..? So, once the material (from which source is unknown) is made into clothing it loses whatever demons may have been woven into it when it reaches the shelves of 'Primark'...?

    ...and let's not forget, next time you/they get cash from a hole in the wall (ATM), it's already been through so many hands/homes etc that some notes must be possessed. Which beggars the question, 'is cash for Christians?'

  • teel

    sir82, I always had a similar thought whenever I heard about possessed items. The story is that you buy some second hand item, which was of a Satan worshipper, thus it's possessed. My question is: are the demons really that weak? One person can simply command them to be bound to a piece of item? Then there's no real danger from them, is there.

    Logically (not that I believe that happens) I could see the point of a demon "possessing" an item so to make the "Satan worshipper's" faith stronger, but once the item changes owner that demon would have absolutely no reason to stay and cause trouble out of that item! If he wanted to cause trouble, surely he could just come into my house and do anything he wants without a certain object being there. As long as we're talking about demons as the creatures the Watchtower paints them to be. Now if we're talking about "pagan" demons then right, by all means they can be bound to objects.

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