Demonic Possesion of Inaminate Objects

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  • wantstoleave

    Oracle, please tell us the rest of the story!! I'm wondering why they didn't burn the photo, seeing as it was intent on finding them.

    I've heard so many stories of demons doing this and that, and 'being right outside the house, but they won't come inside as the angels are here'. I've known people who burn books because they think they're possessed, or people who wake during the night with a creepy feeling and then put outside the last thing that came into the house.

    I remember a girl I knew swore blind that she saw a tissue float out of a box beside her. She thought she'd imagined it, so waited and again it happened. It was inside the house, no wind about. She quickly threw the box outside!

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    I've known people who burn books because they think they're possessed

    Yes, actually Adolf Hitler just had a big problem with demons, but the world understood him wrongly...


  • cantleave

    Interesting comments and experiences here.

    My mother was completely fanatical about demons. I remember that broke up and burned a second hand armchair when my brother said he saw a demon (he was 7 at the time). She to to get her studies to throw out books and jewellery that could encourage demons into the house. I clearly recall her getting one of her study's to throw out her gold crosses, she told her not to sell them because it would give the Demons the opportunity to possess someone. What I find quite funny is the person who threw them out is no longer a witness, I bet she regretted throwing it out.

    As for films, I have never really had a problem with horror films although I have never wanted to watch the Exorcist, and I can't see myself watching it because all the stories about about it still affect me (I know that is irrational, but so is my fear of wasps).

  • finallysomepride

    I remember many years ago a relative bought back to NZ a native carving from another country, it just happened the following week there was atalk at the kingdom hall about not having native items in ones possesion as it's inviting demons. Well they tried to burn the carving, poored petrol on it, lit it and it wouldn't burn, so they say, took a number of goes to destroy it. Yeah right probably was a hardwood and was a slow burn timber, as most timber used in NZ is pine or cedar fast burning, so here we see how jws could be confussed about wat is or isnt demonised. Just a thought.

    Another friend of mine, owned a cassette player, the basic sort that only played audio cassette tapes, there was no radio reciever in it, confirmed by a electronics technician, hey but it still played the local radio station when there was no cassette inserted.

  • finallysomepride

    The Exorcist

    That movie is so tame compared with todays standards.

    Horror movies don't really affect me aslong as I watch them during the day, with lots of friends and a bible in my hand opened at..... just joking, some do give me a bit of a chill at times tho, nothing major.

  • finallysomepride

    Everyone must have one of those photos of a grandfather hanging on the wall, the creapy sort where the eyes follow you around the room, no matter what angle you stand on.

  • jam

    My sister, I loved her dearly, but she was one of those JW who was obsess over demonic objects.

    My mom who was not a JW, felt sorry for my sisters kids because she felt the kids miss out on

    receiving gifts on the holidays.So my mom gave the kids gift after the holidays. Unknowing to us

    my sister felt the gifts was demon posses and thru out many of the gifts over the years..It came to

    a end (giving of gifts) when she told my mom, the clothing she gave the kids was possess, she told

    my mom ,she notice the kids begain to act unruly when they wore the outfits..It broke my mom

    heart.. My sister had no problem with the money my mom gave her over years..By the way my

    sister was of 144000.

  • sir82

    Here's what I could never figure out.

    Say you're a demon, right? You are superhuman, can possess a guy and make him stronger than dozens of men and able to break iron chains (per the book of Mark) can control the weather and inspire hordes to kill and pillage (per the book of Job) can materialize into human form and have your way with human women.....

    ...and you're going to possess a pencil? Or clomp around an old house and throw a book off a shelf?

    I dunno, I think I'd find a better way to pass the time, is all.

  • lyndacc

    Sir82 - Fantasic post! Why indeed would a demon want to inhabit a pencil, lol, lol!! Beyond belief (if you'll pardon the pun!) that anyone could seriously believe this!

    ...still chuckling...

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    They are the most superstitious people!

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