Lets Debate the Trinity

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  • wobble

    I do believe that Jesus was and is God, and that he was truly human, and that that humanity is still in his possesion, the Holy Spirit too,I believe you cannot separate from God the Father or God the Son, as the WT and others do claiming the H.S is just a " active force " ( what is an inactive force ?)

    So I do not think we are poles apart as to belief, I just think that if we are teaching, we should make plain that this is our appreciation, and the student is free to disagree, as scripture is not plain on this,and many many other issues.

    For us to insist that our view is "Truth" that others must accept ,is of the same terrible arrogance that caused great polemical diatribes in the past, with scriptures flying back and forth to no avail and virtual hatred being engendered between the combatants, i.e Luther and Zwingli.



    p.s By going beyond what is written, I did mean contradicting what Jesus and the canonical writers said. But, as above I think it behooves us to be honest and say that our beliefs,shaped in many ways, are simply that, our beliefs, if we cannot point to plain Biblical proof. Our beliefs may be, and I hope they are, true, but they are not Holy Writ.

  • wobble

    Dear Jonathan,

    My reply of a few minutes ago is not showing, so I will try and remember what I said, if it comes out of oblivion it will be interesting to compare !

    I do believe that Jesus was and is God, I do believe that He was truly human, and is still in posession of that humanity in heaven. I also believe that you cannot separate the Holy Spirit from God the Father or God the Son as some, like the WT and others do, saying the H.S is just an "active force" .

    I agree that Paul and other writers within the canon added to our understanding and did not contradict what Jesus said.

    I do think though, to insist that our beliefs, however shaped, which are not plainly taught in scripture have the same force as Holy Writ is to suffer from the same arrogance that led to the great polemical diatribes of the past, like the ones between Luther and Zwingli, with scriptures flying back and forth to no great gain by anybody.

    We should try to make things more clearly understood to ourselves, but we must be honest to any we teach and say that these are our understandings, and they are free to come to different conclusions.

    I do not think we are far apart, you and I ,as far as belief goes,sometimes I like to play Devils Advocate to provoke comment on here, because I think it is so informative to have people express their faith.



  • jahrule

    email me at [email protected]

    the trinity has never been proved, and CANNOT be proved from the Bible. Come, do your best. Only at me email.

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough
    the trinity has never been proved, and CANNOT be proved from the Bible. Come, do your best. Only at me email.


  • Gayle

    I am a non-trinitarian, simple Christian. I have tried studying it many times and still don't see it as clear scripturally. I think trinitarian Christians are arrogant and judgemental with this teaching. To me, it is fine you believe in it. To me, it doesn't mean you necessarily know God more, nor manifest the fruitage of God's spirit more. I could be wrong, but in the meantime, to me, it is not necessary to put God under a microscope and analyze this part is God and that part is God and another part God. None of us 'know' God so much to judge. When we all go to heaven, I am sure we will all be humbly enlightened beyond measure.

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