Name Some Stupid Watchtower Rules or Ideas

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  • steve2

    Celebrating birthdays is bad but celebrating the "birthday" of a marriage is okay. Stupid double standard. All the arguments they use "against" birthdays apply equally to wedding anniversaries.

  • minimus


  • undercover
    hey brothers, when a sister bends over and shows some clevage or such, what did you do? be a good dubby and look away? ... i often wondered...

    One of my favorite chores at the hall was handling the roving microphones for the WT study and other Q&A parts. You got to stand up in the aisle while everyone else was seated. I got to look down many an open blouse in those days...

  • highdose

    that would explain the heavy breathing over my shoulder when i answered up then? ;)

  • Newborn

    • have to be a "good" witness to play in the orchestra, be in Drama, interviews, demonstrations etc etc
    • can't have contact with family and friends if they leave the org
    • should preferably not go to the toilet during the long am/pm sessions at assemblies and have to be there in time for song and prayer...God will not be pleased if you miss's his party for gods sake!!
    • you should preferably not have a TV, computer or radio in your home / read bible and lit 24/7
    • don't watch Dirty Dancing coz then you'll immediately become a fornicator
    • wordly people are evil and dangerous
    • we don't trust anyone of you to think or act for yourself
    • etc
    • etc
    • etc
    • etc
    • etc
    • etc



  • highdose

    don't wear sheer fabrics, even if you have clothing underneath, sheer fabric is evocative of being naked!;P

  • highdose

    oooh! or denim skirts/jackets, loud colours too. single sisters must not talk to brothers in the hall for too long... or everyone will be talking and wondering.....

  • JWoods
    have to be a "good" witness to play in the orchestra, be in Drama, interviews, demonstrations etc etc

    There is still an orchestra? I thought it was done away with way back when with the first "kingdom records"...>

  • rockmehardplace

    highdose - a good brother will tell another brother to look also so that they can have two witnesses as proof the sister is a jezebel influence and trying to lure them away. they will report this to the elders who will inquire as to what was seen and if so, how much. then the sister will be dragged in and run through the ringer for it. and this is the sister who is 90 years old. the young sisters they stop at the part when they get the second brother to look.

  • highdose

    rockmehardplace, well my necklines were always borderline when i was in, never got any complaints or counsel! If they could see me now though... my necklines have plumpeted! haha

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