Did You Ever Secretly "Sin" & The Elders Never Knew About It?

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  • Piercingtheveil81

    I used to get drunk about every other day and I was serving as a an MS at the same time. I remember a few times having a few beers before conducting the bookstudy. The worst was going to meeting the next morning with a hang-over and having an elder ask me " could you be the chairman for the visiting speaker?".

    I did feel guilty about it. Only one time did I have to turn myself in because someone told on me. The elders didn't seem to mind so much, they just told me to be careful about who I drink in front of so others don't talk.


  • cantleave

    Talking about birthdays my wife went away for a business trip 4 days before her birthday. Someone on the trip had looked up her birthday and arranged that during the evening meal she would be presented with a cake complete with candles and champagne. Imagine her horror when the lights dimmed and a table of telecoms executives sang happy birthday at the top of their lungs. Her boss who knew she was a witness was creased up on the other side of the table. It was tricky since trying to explain JW stand on birthdays to a table of drunken people was not something easy to accomplish. In the end she blew the candles excused herself and felt overwhelming guilt for months.

    It is a pity that JWs are in general are so concerned about sinning that they are ill equipped to deal graciously with gestures such as these. In every office there is always someone who pushes secret santas and circulates the Birthday cards there are probably a vast number of witnesses having to deal with the impromptu birthday card or in their eyes unwelcome xmas gift. Some sacrifice a good conscience in order to be polite and not offend the giver. There is not a single person in the halls who hasn't beaten themselves up over some pharisaic edict. When you consider some of the forbidden things it is a wonder any feel worthy to go on the ministry at all for example:

    Don't look at horoscopes even if they are months old. Don't drink except in moderation, don't watch programmes with sexual content, don't think about sex, don't read salacious material, don't read books or watch movies about violence, magic or spiritism, specifically don't watch Harry Potter Films, don't associate with people outside the organisation, dress modestly, don't keep up with wordly trends, don't listen to debasing music, don't think bad thoughts. There is no hope for sinners.

    Now my wife sees the funny side and although not up to embracing Birthdays or Christmas doesn't feel crippled by the gestures others make with good intentions.

  • dissed

    I went along with an Elder on his retail delivery route, on my day off just before Xmas. All the store keepers wished him a Merry Xmas and he wished it right back. Telling me in the truck, it was his parents business and he didn't want to harm it in any way. Besides he didn't celebrate Xmas and didn't mean anything by the greeting.

    Do you think he ever told the Elders of his secret Santa greetings?

  • jwfacts

    When I started to doubt the religion I started to "sin" to see if there was such a thing as holy spirit and if it would lead the elders to catch me. I smoked, got drunk, spoke to people at work about what an crazy religion it was, gambled etc. Ten years later the holy spirit still did nothing to guide the elders to me. It helped me over come my Watchtower superstitions.

  • Scully

    The whole point of having a "secret" is so that other people don't find out. Least of all, the Elders™.

    And, yes, I had some, and NO I'm not telling.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread
    Marvin Shilmer, who is done musing for now

    Thank you for sharing and for being kind to that couple.

    Judge Dread

  • jookbeard

    I dabbled in a bit of "double lifing" just to test the " holy spirit" and that "Jah" see's everything, of course I never got caught!

  • JWoods
    I dabbled in a bit of "double lifing" just to test the " holy spirit" and that "Jah" see's everything, of course I never got caught!

    Jookbeard called someone a troll and I told Simon by ESP.

  • dutchstef

    A couple of times I went to the kingdomhall meetings stoned....

    I jurked off my meat in the kingdomhall toilet once...

    I used to go to houseparties using xtc after atending the meeting...

    And th most terrible sin:

    At a JW wedding I had sex with the brother of the bride( also JW), I had also sex with the bride a couple of years before....

  • JWoods

    I also once recognized a troll and was afraid to say anything...

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