Did You Ever Secretly "Sin" & The Elders Never Knew About It?

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  • minimus

    I was always surprised to see how many JWs still smoked once in a while.

  • minimus

    We had a couple get baptized. They had a couple of young kids. Then one day shortly after baptism, they were disfellowshipped. It turned out they never were legally married.

  • pat1060

    It always bothered me that if we had a secret sin we had to tell the elders to be forgiven.Even if it happened a long time ago when you were not active.What if the thing you did would cause alot of trouble and hurt people unnecessary.Why can't our conduct speak for it self.I was out of the org.for 12 years and would give any thing if I hadn't done some things I did.Why bring it all up.Only God can judge any way.....

  • teela(2)

    All the time. Ran into a gay friend a couple of years ago and her story made me cough up my drink laughing.

    She was called before the elders. The elders confronted her about smoking cigarettes, she was so relieved, she thought it was for sleeping with her new girlfriend. She just nodded her head and took the disfellowshipping, left home all without the family and congregation knowing about her lifestyle.

  • witchtowerwitch

    blondie.........................will you marry me?????????????????????????.............Please girl?I want to love you.

  • witchtowerwitch

    Does anyone wonder about the great secret sins that all of the elders do and have????????????????????including all at HQ????????????........Many are their sins,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so who are they to pry into our lives,when their own is all screwed up really bad...........All of the elders have so many sheletons in there closets,that if you opened the door................you would see satan and all of the demons holding their hands.............!Homos at HQ...............pedos in the hall,and elders bashing there bananas in there closets,hehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........oh yeahhhhhh!

  • wantstoleave

    I'm like Sylvia...didn't pay for a few things here and there (by accident), but never confessed. Figured I did enough good in the world to cover up the little indiscretions :)

  • dissed

    I accidentally drank too much once. I ddin't feel the need to 'tell the Elders' as I've seen many of them intoxicated before.

    Lesson was well learned, being sick and all. Not worth doing again.

  • foolsparadise

    Yes. Holy spirit never exposed my sins either. I left a couple years ago

  • aniron

    We, as elders, would every so often give a little talk about keeping the congregation clean and that if anyone felt the need to talk to us, to get whatever is bothering them off their chest, we would be readily available to them. You'd be shocked to see how many would tell us some naughty things they were feeling guilty about.

    It used to make me laugh when such talks came up about "keeping the congregation clean".

    If they even knew half about what went on in the congregation they would go into shock.

    Funnily, in all the time I was there, the only two girls in the congregation who were pregnant before marriage were both the daughters of Elders.

    Another thing was that I wouldn't trust telling an Elder anything. Because I know from experience how a couple of the Elders would
    gleefully like to tell what some brother/sister had told them.

    One Elder was known for telling his wife everything that went on at Elders meetings, or on Judicial Committees he had been on.

    As one old Elder, only one of two I really trusted, once said to me "To some Elders the words "in confidence" have no meaning , they have big mouths."

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