On my way out of the "organization" and feeling very lost...

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    Welcome to the Real World!

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    so, it's normal to just walk around really confused for a while??? it feels very strange to go from being rock solid in faith in one thing to feeling utterly clueless.

    That made me laugh! Oh, you poor, sweet thing...you're planning on walking away from extended family, your social support system, and your faith, and you're wondering if it's normal to feel clueless! Yes it's very normal and also very scary. That's why your husband is so zealous all of a sudden. Once he's convinced that you're not leaving him, he very well may come around. If not, get into marriage counseling asap.

    While you may not want to jump into another religion quickly, from what I've heard, the Unitarians are more philosophical than doctrinal. But you may want to visit a different church every week just for fun and see how you feel. The most important thing is to avoid jumping to any conclusions about everything. Take your time, and enjoy the ride.

    Personally, I'm glad to hear that you want your children to enjoy the holidays. Life is so busy and hectic, and holidays force us to take the time to celebrate. Now that our kids are grown, we make a big deal about birthdays and holidays for our grandkids.

    Going through this transiton is very difficult but worth all of the effort. You're already leaps and bounds ahead of me when I was first out. I was literally running for my life, but you developed enough critical thinking skills to learn the truth about the "truth".

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  • caliber

    welcome...welcome...welcome !!!

    Yes, yes!
    You are normal, hunny!
    Just ride it out......ride it out.

    The above quote is cute , funny and true all at the same time ...

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