Is Atheism a Form of Blind Faith?

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  • cantleave

    The origin / begining of the universe is always going to require some form of faith. What caused the singularity? Where did the energy for the big bang originate? What / Who is God? Science can provide empirical evidence for many theories and Hypotheses after the initiation of the universe but not everything. Mathematical constructs can help to explain much of the "unexplainable" but there are still questions that require answers. I don't think "blind faith" describes the belief systems of anyone who has reached a conclusion after a great deal of investigation. An atheist can be as evangelical as a theist, it doesn't make his or her belief anymore plausible.

  • poppers

    On the other hand there is evidence throughout human history of dire consequences plagued on to humanity for having faith upon varied deities.

    I absolutely agree, Homer. I have no use for religion whatsoever. The blind faith that so many religions view so highly can be the source of terrible actions in support of that faith.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    What caused the singularity? Where did the energy for the big bang originate?

    Can you be certain of that, who knows what knowledge man will have acquired a thousand years from now ?

    Lets not be presumptuous

    Its true that there is unclear vagueness regarding the creation of the universe, but that may not be so in the future.

    We are now living in just the earliest birth of science and technology, to be honestly ingenuous we have accept the unknown.

    As more evidence is discovered and acquired, the picture becomes clearer and into focus on the universe's beginning.

  • NeonMadman

    I found this book to be very interesting on the topic of atheism, and the style pretty edgy for a Christian writer. You can download it for free (or offer a donation if you prefer).

  • cantleave

    AlmightyHomer (great name BTW), I am not saying will never have the answers we don't have them now, so their is still a degree of faith required to have any belief in the initiation of the Universe.

  • HintOfLime
    "The origin / begining of the universe is always going to require some form of faith."

    Welcome to the Red Green Show! Today on the Red Green Show we will explore those 3 words men find so difficult to say:

    "I don't know."

    You see, there is no faith required in that. None whatsoever. It is simply the truth. No hypothesis that is waiting on supporting evidence, and certainly no made-up tales from fantasy land about a magic invisible man. It's simple, it's truth, and it requires no faith in anything.

    When science provides the evidence needed to know, then we will know. Until then, the answer "I don't know" seems much preferable to me than fairy tales and faith.

    - Lime

  • cantleave

    HintOfLime, You got it. "I don't know".................. that sums it up for me!



    There was no God..

    There would be no Atheists..


  • Perry

    Yes. I have never seen a shred of evidence that would support the atheist claim "there is no God". Think about it, what kind of evidence could they present? "I've looked everywhere for Him and couldn't find Him" ...that's it. No one has ever done that.

  • Farkel

    :If God is outside of nature and therefore cannot be proved or disproved by science, is atheism a form of blind faith? After all, it cannot be defended on the basis of pure reason.

    How can non-faith be a "faith?" The whole idea is ridiculous. It's as dumb as saying atheism is a "religion": non-belief is a "belief."



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