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  • VampireDCLXV

    I remember reading your opening story not long after I signed on here and it broke my heart to read about how desperately lonely you were. I really felt for you. I can relate to the feeling of life passing you by while watching the (seeming) happiness and togetherness of others all around while you're perishing in isolation, loneliness and obscurity. I could also relate to DaCheech's situation when he was single and nearly all the eligible single ladies would pass him up because they only wanted elders, CO's, bethelites, etc. It was the same with me. Unfortunately for me, an attempted hookup with someone from my past exploded in my face. LOL! It was just as well though since I'm freeing myself of that crap now and dating possibilities are all around now too. See... not all single "brothers" have it so easy either.

    Keep on the path you're on and stay true to yourself. When you have successfully extricated yourself from the clutches of the bOrg and the GB that controls them, we'll be here for you cheering when you get to the other side. Hang on girl!


  • EmptyInside

    safireblu64-Thanks for sharing your story as well.

    maryann-Awww,thanks,you know,I want to eventually reach the point where I can reach out and help others who are still trapped in the religion and who want to be free. I know there are many others in my situation who feel stuck,and life is passing them by.

    I was helped so much here,I want/need to return the favor.

    Vamp-Thanks for that.

  • 00DAD

    EmptyInside: The way you expressed the feelings inside of you really touched my heart. I can't say I know EXACTLY how you feel, but I have felt similar feelings.

    One thing I can say, you are not truly empty inside. If you were, there would be no pain!


  • EmptyInside

    Thanks Daniel. I'm happy, I no longer feel so helpless,since I'm moving further and further away from the Watchtower religion. A belief system that was meant to give me hope,left me hopeless with limited options. Now,I feel so much more free and at peace.

  • 00DAD

    How sadly ironic. This belief system that is touted as giving us hope and freedom is in reality just a bigger box that is ultimately completely hopeless!

  • MissFit

    Bttt I am resurrecting this thread for others.

    I want lurkers to see the wonderful kind response this post generated. Make sure to read page three. It gives an update.


  • cultBgone

    MissFit, nice choice. This was a good read and very encouraging.

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