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  • Lozhasleft

    I wasnt here for your first posting but I am so glad you've moved on. Sending you hugs and happiness wishes.

    Loz x

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises


    Now I understand more fully the choice of your screen name. I'm glad that things are getting better for you and I think the future will be even better!

  • sizemik

    Thanks for bumping this thread. You're right . . . leaving WT doesn't solve all our problems . . . it can even create some new ones. But living a reality instead of an illusion no matter the challenges, personal or otherwise, is far more desirable I'm sure you'll agree. You've made tremendous progress . . . don't expect that to stop . . . BP's right . . . for XJW's things tend to get better year by year. You've got good things in your future just waiting to be discovered. Glad you are here.

  • jgnat

    Emptyinside, you sound so much stronger now.

    I can relate to much of your story. Though I was never a witness, I was a single parent for twenty years. My church took the admonition not to be "unequally yoked" very seriously so it was as difficult for the singles in my church as it is for Witness singles. In those twenty years, I witnessed two waves of match-ups. It was as if the alpha couple paired off and then everyone scrambled for the "seconds". Perhaps my dignity, my insecurities, and my "baggage" saved me from a similar fate. When the boy dregs from the pile started eyeing me up, I turned away. Or perhaps I am blurring my rosy glasses a bit. Maybe no-one was chasing me.

    I was very busy as a single parent, which engaged me for many years. When my children were teenagers, I took up new hobbies, began painting. My theory is that if I did things I enjoy, I would find a kindred spirit. Guess what? Not a lot of heterosexual men paint pretty pictures on the weekend.

    When my children were adults, I finally took the plunge and joined a dating service.

    Guess who they matched me up with? A lapsed JW-boy! LOL. Anyways, I am not sorry I took the plunge.

    I wish you the best in your life, single or not. You hold the reins to your future now.

  • EmptyInside

    Thank you,Loz,Broken Promises,sizemiz,and jgnat for the encouraging words. I do feel much better now. That doesn't mean that sometimes I don't feel overwhelmed,just not so hopeless.

  • JWJunky

    Um.... match.com, christiansingles.com, eharmony, and etc.... just playing. :) I'm a lesbian and honestly I can feel you pain it was hard finding someone like me, but I didn't just sit there and let life pass me by I lived as my full time job and searched as my part time job. Today I'm in love and she popped my long awaited cherry. Do new things and don't focus on the fact that your single:) Make a life for yourself that someone would want to come along for the ride:)


  • EmptyInside

    JWJunky-I'm glad things worked out well for you. And I am happy to say that I am busy with life now.

  • Bruce Bannister
  • safireblu64

    Wow I guess I was late with this post, but I just read everything and wanted to say I really am happy that you have chosen to do what is right for you and not because someone tells you it's right. I grew up in the "truth" since infancy and offically started my life over from scratch at 25. I was engaged twice in the "truth" to jerks, and I am happy to say that next April I am marrying the man of my dreams who is the most wonderful man I ever met and he's not a Witness. He's a wonderful, open-minded, freely accepting, understanding, supportive fiance who is my bestfreind and I never would have found him had I not left. My sister on the other hand is newly divorced she is one year younger than myself she is 27 going on 28 and she is a single mom of a 3 year old. Her marriage lasted all of 5 years from "I do" to "I don't" and her ex-husband is now married to her bestfriend of whom he cheated with on my sister. Oh yes, and her husband was a Regular Pioneer. So don't think for a minute that you can't find love out of the "truth" because you absolutely can!!! Jehovah/Yahweh wants you to be happy, he wants you to prosper and to live your life for you, not for him. Satan wants you to think that you have to live your life for the Organization and be stiffled and denied of your happiness just as they constantly preach when they say to be "separate from the world" and "friendship with the world is emnity with God", "marry only in the lord", "bad associations spoil useful habits (associations with the world or anyone spiritually weak), these things are all decieving much like Satan did to Eve when he said "Is it really so???" So don't worry my love, you enjoy yourself, you be you, and rest assured that you are a good person, Jehovah/Yahweh loves you because he is a God of Love and he is not partial he just wants to see you happy.



  • maryann

    I just caught up on this EmptyInside. You are inspiring! And everyone else's comments here are too. Who says we can't start over!!! And be better than we ever thought. ;) (I have a tear in my eye too!)

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