Why Do people think they need A GOD to be good people?

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  • LucyA

    I decided after much study and soul searching that I don’t believe in GOD. I’ve noticed recently (not on the forum but others) some people seem to think that if I don’t believe in a god that I’m obviously morally bankrupt. I don’t feel this way as I give a portion of my income to charity and I have never set out to harm anyone else. So why simply because I believe in science and not religion am I a BAD person?


  • megs

    I too came to the same conclusion, and it really irks me when someone makes those kind of statements!

  • HintOfLime

    My parents and family pull that crap on me too. In their minds, the only reason I have any morality at all is because they raised me as a JW. If I hadn't been raised that way, I'd be murdering and stealing and raping!

    It's a false premise that religious people use to validate their BS. It has no grounds in reality. People either want to be helpful to their peers (as evolution has generally steered us), or they don't (in which case even religion can't usually help them.)

    - Lime

  • musky

    "some people seem to think that if I don’t believe in a god that I’m obviously morally bankrupt."

    Judged by people who probably feel that without belief in God, you are doomed to eternal separation from him. No matter how much good you do or how much money is spent on making the world a better place. Those types of people don't feel you are a bad person. Just that you are doomed unless you believe in God.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Not all theists believe this. I know some do, and it is frustrating. I take great comfort in knowing that they always felt this way, and it isn't likely that I or anyone else will change their mind.

    So who cares what people like that think?


    Some people can`t behave unless they are forced to..

    It tells you a lot about the person..

    When they tell you..

    They can`t behave..Without a threat hanging over thier head..

    It tells You..They are Weak..


  • Satanus

    This is a false fear that believers have had placed within them. A lot of theists who think that they wouldn't be good if they didn't believe in god are wrong. Most of them would be good anyway. Oh, they might do more hanky panky, but they wouldn't start hurting people just because they didn't believe anymore. That's because treating others well is based on empathy, and the only people who don't have that are those classed as psychos, narcisists, brain damaged, severely messed up, etc. There could be quite a few believers like that.


  • Perry

    Because some people have noticed that no matter how much they try, they still violate their own chosen standards.

  • loosie

    Some of the most moral people I have met have no religion.

  • caliber

    God, being love, has the perfection of that love which is goodness.

    The person who displays goodness is not like the person who is
    simply just...
    a. The person who is simply just gives only to another what he
    has earned
    b. Whereas the person who is good is generous to give what was
    not deserved
    2. The person who displays goodness is not like the person who is
    a. The person who is evil begrudges everything he has to give
    b. The person who is good is open-hearted and open-handed,
    i.e., generous ( a few thoughts from the web )

    (It has been said that goodness "is easier to recognize than to
    define". )

    Before you speak of goodness you must define it . To me goodness is to deepen your love beyond human nature which therefore is God

    Why Do people think they need A GOD to be good people?'
    Because their belief system sees goodness above just love or caring

    or maybe better put the" superlative of love"

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