"They are only human"

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  • manicmama

    Only human, yes, but if you believe in an almighty being did he not give us all the brain for logic and reasoning? Not to mention commen sense, all of which seem to escape the average JW. Just being human is nothing but a cop out for not using your brain to logically explore or expose an obvious conclusion.


  • WTWizard

    If they are going to use that excuse, then why don't they allow people that see blatant inconsistencies to point out those mistakes, fairly investigate the mistakes, and then fix them (most are so blatant that people could readily use the Bible to prove them wrong)? Once they insist that we obey the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger, go by their bad doctrines until they themselves fix them (even if they can be proven wrong using their own Bible) and avoid using independent sources to verify the accuracy of their doctrines, they lose that excuse.

    Humans make mistakes--and sometimes major ones. However, it's the shutting out any corrections of those mistakes that's most objectionable.

  • Farkel

    :"They are only human"

    No, they aren't. One has to have some humanity to be a human. I think a more appropriate way of putting it would be "they are only viruses" and we all know what viruses do: they destroy their hosts and then move on to new hosts to destroy. They suck the life out of you and then cast you off for someone else to suck the life out of.

    Farkel, Antibody CLASS

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    You know, all those decades of being in the 'truth', that bothered me. The duplicity of applying that excuse always laid dormant in a back recess somewhere.

    Amazing how all the faults they find are elsewhere.

    I just recently entered into a rather terse discussion with an active witless, who defended the Watchtower while stating without a shred of evidence that 'there are 25000 churches out there' 'they are all interested in serving God in a way that makes them happy instead of making God happy' - or substance.

    She had investigated precisely zero of those 25000 churches while condemning them carte blanche as being wrong. Yet nothing I stated about her precious Watchtower [a religion that I studied very extensively, and I stated only facts] applied due to the imperfection of the men running it, and sundry other 'excuses'.

    Well - you can't reason with the unreasonable.


  • BU2B

    Wow great thread! Bump

  • humbled

    "They are only human."

    And they are prophets speaking for God? Then what does that say for the rest of the Bible? Paul, Peter, Luke, Moses, etc.?

    It's a bottomless pit.

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