"They are only human"

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  • BabaYaga

    Spook said:

    I say, "Yes, exactly. They are only ordinary humans without any special knowledge, education or insight into bible languages, world history, science or theology. That's exactly why you should be completely comfortable openly disagreeing with them. Any ordinary human would have no trouble with that."

    Man there are a lot of GREAT responses on this thread!

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    They are conveniently "only human". Most of the time the Watchtower is arrogantly claiming to be God's only spokesman on earth. The organization that has the truth and must be followed without question. They claim that God is going to kill everyone who doesn't do exactly what they tell them to do. Then they get caught in an error or a lie. The only reason they get caught is because they couldn't figure out a way to explain away what they said or lie their way out or bury it where no one could find it. This is the point where they claim to be "only human". But the humility doesn't last and they go right back to claiming that God's anointed who you must follow or die. They aren't faith and discreet they are a bunch of malicious buffoons who never learn. And I'm being kind here.

  • PSacramento

    So, if they are "only Human" and they make mistakes and they are NOT error proof, why tkae THEIR view on Blood transfusions as "the word of God" and risk the LIVES of people ??

  • avishai

    great thread.

  • villabolo

    Well said Cthulhu.

    The phrase "They are only human" is always used by manipulators when they are exposed repeatedly, and have to disguise their arrogance. It is the tactic of mock humility. My response would to that phrase would be, "If they are ONLY human why bother listening to them at all?


  • caliber

    "WE are only human" .... sound reason or "convenient loophole" ?

    However some "loopholes" can prove dangerous when true intent comes to light (oops.. "new light' )

    let " the spirit of wisdom come in "... new bright shining light with happy smiles and dreams

  • parakeet

    "We're only human" is heard just a tad more than that other irritating dub excuse when a dub goes haywire and molests children or commits some other crime -- "Well, he/she was never REALLY one of Jehovah's Witnesses."

    Excuse me, yes they were! They were door-knocking, meeting-attending, WT-reading, in-good-standing dubs while they committed their crimes. As long as they don't get caught (and sometimes even when they do), the dubs claim them as their own.

    Great thread, Georgiegirl.

  • parakeet

    Maybe Jehovah is only human, too.

  • Spook

    To elaborate

    "We are only human..." --> Translates into "Your expectations and standards are unreasonably high."

    The best question to ask is...

    "What is a reasonable standard for someone who claims to be the sole channel of of hope from an all-powerful deity?"

    If an all powerful god were truly leading someone, how !#^#%^& GOOD would their teaching actually be?

    So we have a few explanations for the gap:

    1) Jehovah does not exist, ergo Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong.

    2) Jehovah does exist, yet has nothing to do with the governing body. Ergo...Jehovah's Witnesses are WRONG.

    3) Jehovah exists and sufficiently directs the governing body. They willfully resist his direction. Ergo, Jehovah's Witnesses ARE WRONG!!!

    4) Jehovah insufficiently directs the governing body for some reason, such as testing individuals, who should therefore not follow the governing body who is being used to test individual character because he would not test your obedience to men. Ergo, Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong.

    It is logically impossible for a perfect god to insufficiently direct someone. Either god doesn't exist, is not directing the governing body, or the governing body is purposefully resisting him. They can not accidentally mistake direction. This is not logically possible. A perfect God would know exactly how much direction an individual would need to accurately convey information. If it were very important for him to have true beliefs spread, then logically he would do so.

  • caliber

    Either god doesn't exist, is not directing the governing body, or the governing body is purposefully resisting him. They can not accidentally mistake direction. This is not logically possible.

    Some have humorously said that there must then be "static" on the spirit-directed phone line from heaven so that

    neither is God nor the GB is to blame.... it's the damned phone company !! ....LOL See full size image

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