What do you think about this quote from the 2003 District Convention talk "Beware of the Voice of Strangers"?

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  • minimus

    The thing about AE, Jook, is that she knows exactly what she's doing, pretending to be a dimwit and she isn't. She's trollish.

  • jookbeard

    I do sincerely believe Min that these trolling Dub apologists count time here

  • isaacaustin

    All I have to say is no true, firm-beleiving JW who fully trusts the GB goes looking online for JWs friends on 'apostate websites'...words can try to mitigate or twist it but that is what it is. I often wonder what trolls really are trying to accomplish. Is it really just an immature person out to get laughs? The one here can not really be that stupid. If they are, wow. They show such little depth of knowledge of the Bible and even less of the org. I would have to beleive they are concealing it.



    Angel Eyes is playing us,by pretending to be that Dumb..

    All the Pro WBT$ JW`s do the same thing..

    "Hi..I`m as Dumb as a Post,you need to listen to me!"


    Have a Beer Minimus..It go`s good with the Valium..

    2 of These..


    You won`t care who`s Bullshitting you!


  • PSacramento

    IF any JW would aim their critical eye at the WT, liek they do at other religions, the Wt would be up crap creek without a paddle.

    But they don't, why is that? is it a typical case of "see the splinter in anothers eye, disregard the beam in their eye"? or are they to scared to do it?

  • isaacaustin

    Yeah, it is almost comical to watch them try to explain how it is ok to come to this site.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Jookbeard: ...you've already upset Mimimus one the most respected liked posters here

    ROFLMAO. Good one, JB.

  • jookbeard

    OTWO; glad you had a chuckle

  • donuthole

    As a sidepoint - I'm quite familiar with the talk. The watchtower article of the same name was used as the basis for the Presiding Overseer's extended, special "local needs" talk on the night I was DF'd on apostasy charges.

  • sir82
    Is it really just an immature person out to get laughs?


    This is hardly the only board with trolls.

    Many many people have a near-pathological need for attention, as any TV reality show should suffice to prove.

    Mitigating factor: At least they fill that need in relatively harmless fashion, such as posting on message boards, as opposed to mass murder or chicken mutilation.

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