Jehovah Witnesses are NOT a bad Cult but man made type spiritual guide

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  • Butterflyleia85

    Parakeet Would they have allowed blood if YOUR life had been on the line? I've known some otherwise decent dubs, but many of their decisions can and have ruined lives.

    The blood ban, disfellowshipping, shunning -- these are not the acts of good, innocent people.

    The WTS is certainly guilty, but when adults CHOOSE to give up their responsibility to think for themselves and allow the WTS to tell them what to think, they are just as guilty.

    I'm not saying it was right... but then I did! When you are spiritually strong thinking your doing Gods will you do anything for him...Your not thinking about hurting others, your not thinking about what's behind it all, just that you are doing Gods will, and having faith that you will be going to paradise that was promised!!

  • diamondiiz


    I think many of us here tend to point out the negative in WTS. We could say there are positive points and there are many, but again these same traits could be found my those who are strict followers of other religions. With wts the question should be asked, are the people we think are moral, good... truely such or are they appearing to be so like many who attend churches? No doubt there are many good people who are willing to sacrifice so much of their time to go to the meetings and service but once again, how many of these do it because they came to believe that's the only way they can save their lives? As we cannot read individual hearts and I hopefully won't be too critical of individual followers I think looking at the leadership will reveal more about the religion. Looking at the history of wts one can see many schemes, revisions, publishing half truths, ignoring facts and painting all outsiders as evil or causing evil to those "serving" Jehovah. The leaders can change their opinions but their so called brothers in faith can't! In fact looking deeper at the leadership one can see that no one in the organization can question them openly as this would cause others to label the one as an apostate who is causing stumbling or division within the congregation(s). This is a cult mentality! Just as Catholic church during the middle ages was able to execute those who opposed the church so in a similar manner wts shuns those who question any of the teachings of the leadership in the open. Cult and religion isn't that much different in my opinion and I have no use for either as both are led by man but some are high control groups like wts which demand blind obediance to the leadership who crown themselves as being anointed. They are blind guides leading people astray. I would say wts is like an satan who turns himself into an angel of light. They appear to be moral and clean on the outside and having socalled rules to keep evil doers away thus keeping the congregations clean. But a deeper look inside will show that the leadership have misused their power in which they hurt many people. they twist scriptures to their own benefits causing harm to those that many follow these. The leadership appears to be humble but deeper look shows that they are full of pride who will not admit their past wrongs but will twist things to appear that the new light is upto the conscience of the followers. Since the leaders should be exemplary they prove to be decietful wicked men who will not feel any regret when it comes to punishing anyone who questions their flawed thinking even though they know well that they are in the wrong. They divide families and destroy friendships. Their cult mentality can be seen through their doctrines and the way they present their arguements and how they present themselves to the general witness population. If GB is not a good example of a cultish leadership I don't know what it.

  • parakeet

    Butterfly: When you are spiritually strong thinking your doing Gods will you do anything for him...Your not thinking about hurting others, .....

    But they still get hurt, or worse.

    So, as long as you're "spiritually strong" and believe you're doing God's will, any kind of atrocity is OK?????

    Your statement is one of the best examples I've ever seen of the kind of thinking that led to my becoming an atheist.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Well said diamondiiz... I just needed to hear it in that way I guess... It's coming together. I know it will take time. It just all kinda hurts right now.

    I looked up Controversies regarding Jehovah Witnesses on Wikipedia.

    It's kinda scary. I think about actually my past and... it's a blur but my mom told me things I didn't want to hear.

    Reporting of sexual abuse

    Main articles: Jehovah's Witnesses and child sex abuse and Silentlambs

    The religion's official policy on child protection, which discusses the procedures for reporting child sexual abuse, states that elders obey all legal requirements for reporting sex offenders, including reporting uncorroborated or unsubstantiated allegations where required by law and that they are to discipline pedophiles. Victims are permitted to notify the authorities if they wish to do so. [ 142 ] However critics such as Silentlambs have accused Jehovah's Witnesses of employing organizational policies that make the reporting of sexual abuse difficult for members. For a report of abuse to be considered "proven" (to the degree that would merit congregational judicial discipline), there needs to be two witnesses or a confession by the accused (only in cases where there is no physical evidence of the abuse). [ 143 ] [ 144 ]

    Some victims of sexual abuse have asserted that when reporting abuse they were ordered to maintain silence to avoid embarrassment to both the accused and the organization. [ 145 ] [ 146 ]

    If crazy perverts knew about this... geez what organization do you think they would turn to?! OMG I would be scared for the Witnesses who feel safe and secure in the Organization... such as what I was. It just makes things a little more clearer why my mom kinda shide away from going to the meetings as much. They labeled her as spiritually weak. She just had an awful husband who abused her child and what did the elders say... he repented and is going to all the meetings. ... Still thinking...

  • isaacaustin

    AE said: your right butterfly king David although forgiven also lost his first born,

    My reply: Agreed!

    AE said: and yes any who are corrupt in Jehovahs org will without a doubt be punished/destoyed.....

    My reply: I beleive where we left off on this issue I had asked you the basis for the claim that the witnesses are God's org. You named a few points, which I showed were not unique among the witnesses. So the premise was still left unsubstantiated. Again, on what valid basis do you make this assertion???

    AE said:The jw arent all bad, some claim to be witnesses but actually end up pushing desent people away, sadly but we arent all that way.

    My reply: Neither are most groups all bad. That does not make them God's org...just makes them ordinary. If there was an org that was "God's org", I would expect them to stand out like shining jewels among the rest.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Ok so I didn't ask my grandma but I found it myself... That question I asked before I got baptised and I found the answer...

    Matt. 24:45-47

    45 "Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? 46 Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. 47 Truly I say to YOU, He will appoint him over all his belongings.

    It says he will appoint him over all his belongings!

    How do we know he appointed them over? If the master on arriving finds him doing so... giving them food at the proper time.

    The scriptures told me this... and God gave us the Bible for a guide.

  • isaacaustin

    butterfly, Jesus return has not yet happened, for one thing.

    #2, read chapters 24 and 25 in their entirety. You will see it is simply a series of parables all stating the same thing in different ways- keep awake, you do not know when your master returns. Ch 25 shows that the reward being entry into the kingdom and appointment over Jesus belongings, as opposed to cutting off. This all takes place at the end- on juddgment day and the pronouncements are by Jesus himself, not a group of men claiming to be something.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Yeah and thats why they got the timings wrong back then,.. prodicting when all the things would happen. But it's easier to see signs and follow patterns frm the past and that's why they see when Jesus was brought to rule today. We are still in the mist of signs though of the final hour. That's why we are warned to "get out of her" because it will happen so fast and some will be so tired of waiting for it to come that they will go about their daily lives (kinda like what I'm doing, not rushing back into JW because I am sick of fighting, waiting and want to just live life to the fullest I guess). God's way is not burdensom so why do I feel a heavy load when I'm a JW. (No preasure but there is) So isaacaustin keep going. I guess what I'm asking what is your belief... do you know the beliefs of JW and found all the glitches that you can say hey it's wrong...

    so far I find that the JW still have an answer to all that is going on with the Bible... I myself have a hard time with it I don't know all the answers and what I'm feed by the JW is all I know... I'm stuck and that is why I am on this site

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    We wont have all the answers in this system hun....theres always so much to learn. But remember satan wants us to be misled so we think that their mistakes means they arent Gods org. I cant really think straight at the moment, our friend (one of the annointed) has thats another one gone, how many are left i dont know....((hugs to you))

  • isaacaustin

    butterfly, Yes I know the JW beleifs..i was raised in it. I beleive salvation is in Jesus, having a personal relationship with him and letting the love you showed each and every on eof us guide us in life, following the direction of the Holy Spirit.

    Regarding your comments on the times....reading ch 24 (the beginning) you will see Jesus was not saying these events were signs of the times, but rather that these things will happen and the end is NOT here, Jesus is not yet arrived. He is telling us not to be deceived by world events thinking the end is here...but that his coming would be unmistakly visible.

    I beleive we need to follow Jesus in our lives, always awake, yes....God's word is infallible...we need to feed on God's word...not what man says God's message is to us.

    I don't know if I was specific enough when you told me to keep going. Feel free to ask me anything at all here, or via pm.

    You will find you path.

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