Jehovah Witnesses are NOT a bad Cult but man made type spiritual guide

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  • bluecanary

    Butterfly, thank you for your post. This is pretty similar to how I felt about the witnesses when I first left them. I felt like they were a decent religion, with both good and bad people in it's ranks; that they knew and followed the Bible better than other religions, but they didn't have more of God's favor than other religions. Later on, I started to do research both on the WTS and other religions and revised my opinion.

    I know through discussion with you on this board and through email that you are an openminded and caring person. You may come to same conclusion I did. You may come to a different conclusion. You may remain with this conclusion. It's wonderful that you are able to think for yourself. And I think it's commendable that you're in a place now where you feel like you can accept the positive things you've gotten from the JWs in your life without giving the negative ones power. I think as long as you remain open-minded in your spiritual quest, you will find what you're looking for.

  • jookbeard

    Butterfly, The Satanic origins and still Devil lead inspired Apostates of the WTS hide a Jonestown and Waco tragedy a hundred times more horrific.

  • PSacramento

    I am not sure that we should "take the good with the bad" when ot comes to an organized religion, certainly "taking the good and ignoring the bad" is not acceptable.

    The WT doesn't advocate that, they critique other religions followers for doing just that.

    I knwo that mnay JW's feel lost without an organization to tell them HOW to worship, WHEN to worship, with WHO and in WHAT way, many people like the structured "religious experience" and for many, freedom is a very scary proposition.

    For those I can only say, "the truth will set you free" and if freedom is something to strive for, as per Jesus's own words than maybe freedom is a good thing.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Poppers, it's a long trail of a month of being on this site and looking at others... starting from my first post...

    Elders words I will never forget and have a hard time agreeing with...

    I can't see how someone can say they want to help you and then turn their back on you.

    Their suggestions were:

    "Go to a councilor, you will get depressed and I suggest a councilor" after telling me I have been disfellowshiped (the first time).

    "We need to protect the congregation" but what about the sheep that wondered off and needs incouragement while I was in. This statement was made when I get disfellowshipped (the second time).

    Oh and as I and my elders are standing outside the meeting waiting on the second dicision by the second group of elders... one tells me "I'm sorry we did all we could to help you ... this is all we can do for you" (geez it felt like they were giving up on me)

    Honestly I feel the Elders don't want me back. I would love to but how can I. I spent over a year going to all the meetings and three letters the first time getting back in how long will it be the second.

    I don't agree with disfellowshipment as a way to help turn a person but push them to suicide or self abuse or rage. I seen it and it's sad.

    I don't understand why it was so wrong to have wonderful and good people as friends out side of being a JW. (Still after JW statements on association.) My fiance who is not in any religion is the only one who brought me out of my self misery. (I meet less then a year) That's sad someone who bearly knows me loves and cares for me and Elders and JW Friends who judge and are held back after a life time of being so close.

    Elders are not be hide close doors how do they have the right to judge accurately. I know judging is good to a point. I don't hang out with drug addictics or murders or abusers. But after I was disfellowshiped they ask you if you are associating with anyone.

    I can't live as a hermit!!

    I just think there has to be a better way of going about wrong doers that asked for forgiveness, repented and remorsed over their wrong doing... and above all want and need true guidence by God.

    Thanks for you guys input and suggestions. I will read each one carefully and take time in understand the best motive with the Bible and Prayer.

  • quietlyleaving

    good thinking butterfly re your opening post. I can agree with most of your conclusions. It seems to me that the WTS ought be quite happy to apply the term cult to themselves if they could remove the false religion, sect aspect and the charismatic leader aspect of its meaning. Extremism is another iffy aspect that does apply to Jehovahs witnessess imo but with which they would not be happy to be associated.

    Cultivation, tilling, straining, purifying are all associated with the root of the word cult and I can see such applied for positive spiritual guidance by the WTS.

    As I have family in, I like to remind myself of the positive benefits of JWs but I am often reminded of the unpleasantly shocking realities too (fortunately not by family members - well not yet anyway).

    What I like and that always amazes me is the "divine" look they have on their faces when they talk about Jehovah or have just returned from a meeting or on the ministry. I would never rob them of this part of their faith, so tend to hold back from criticizing.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Parakeet, do you not remember King Manasseh. (2 Kings) Or King David!

  • isaacaustin

    But Butterfly, They were clearly put to their positions by God. Was the GB? It all keeps coming back to that question.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Well I think of how the Bible is inspired by God. Thus the scriptures were written by man inspired by God. Written by man... what was their motive? What is the GB motive? They were inspired by God following the only thing closest to what they know is the TRUTH about God and they keep critiqueing their interruptation. They strive for the Truth just as anyone else.

    How do we know that the ppl writing the Bible were just as well making these claims. Just like every other religion makes there claims.

    But just as in Caesars day they were religions that merged together and became more exceptable of what was considered wrong before. I think that Jehovah Witnesses are on a fine line. This centary is changing and as we see many are falling from religion. We will see what holds true at the end.

    Until then I can see more clearer with Jehovah's help and my prayers are answered in a way.

  • Georgiegirl

    I think the feelings you have are perfectly normal and very understandable. The Bible has been a very positive influence in the lives of many. And - it's easy to see that there are many who have followed its teachings have become happier, more productive people.

    Does that evidence mean that you should just accept the Bible as inspired by God? And by extension, does the fact that the GB produces literature that advocates those teachings mean they are inspired by God?

    One of the things that I personally found incredibly helpful in answering those questions was EDUCATION. Not education by the GB in how to become a JW and in their interpretation of the scriptures - I mean an UNBIASED with nothing to gain by it - education. Does your local community college have an Introduction to World Religions class? If so, you might want to consider going. You will learn some facts like: Christianity is the newbie on the world scene. Most of the major tenets of Christianity were already in place thousands of years before the Bible was written. Verse by verse, the major teachings of christianity correspond to the teachings of Buddha and Mohammad.

    So tell me...if you read the teachings of Buddha and how he was "inspired" and see that his teachings are very similar to the teachings attributed to Jesus, would you assume that the Pali Canon was inspired of God? What if you had been born in India? What do you think you would believe and have faith in?

    One of the common (what I believe to be) mistakes that Christians make is acting as if the world and religion started 2000 years ago, and assuming their way of thinking is the only way to salvation.

    I believe you can and will find peace - but only IF you educate yourself - objectively. You are not objective right now - in other words, you have a set of beliefs and you are trying to find something that they fit into - kind of like having a puzzle piece and you are trying to find the right place for it. So...what if...for a little while - you take a step back and see the whole picture? And by "whole picture" I'm not referring to "apostate" stuff or anti-JW information (though there is plenty of it out there). Educate yourself about religion in general. Educate yourself about the religious beliefs of the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS - the majority in fact - of humans who are non-christian. An Intro to World Religion class might be a non-offensive, non-scary place to start.

  • BabaYaga

    Beautiful ButterflyLeia,

    It took me many, many years of being out before I could admit to myself that I was raised in a cult. I was an apologist for a very long time. Mine was a "pre-Google" exit, though, so I suspect your realizations will come much sooner.

    Keep reading. Keep thinking. Keep praying. Keep posting.


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