About posting your picture be careful!

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    You know what?

    After almost 19-20 years of being away from the kingdom hall and its members. Trust me, one changes, and looks fade after that time away.

    When I went back to eastern Canada this past summer, it occured to me when I met people I had not seen in 20+ years: WE ALL CHANGED.

    Yup, got older, lost some hair, gained some wait, and well...aged.

    I mean if anyone recognizes me: personally, I could care less.

    If they show up where I live (elders), they'll be sent back the way they came. I don't PLAY by their rules, ever!

    But.....for those who are newly out or in some ambiguous place in regards to their status. You may want to exercise caution.

    Best to let us ol' buggers post our toothless mugs and fat butts for your viewing pleasure.

    Rayzorblade from the 'dentally challenged class'

  • Matty
    another blast from the past

    Yes, it confuses the hell outa me when someone dredges an old thread!!

  • Jesika

    OMG MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!! (valis's pic)

    J/K Valis, but damn man!! put some clothes on!!!

  • TruckerGB

    Valis,my computer has just hurled itself out of the window.

    Take care,


  • witchtowerwitch

    I don't give a shit about what the wbts sees on here,or any of the elders for that matter,and in case everyones forgotten..............we all have freedom of speech,and freedom of the press, in this country!!!!!!!!!!
    Remember the constitution,and our bill of rights?????????????????
    Why can a church slam and condem everyones religion if they are not jws,and why can the wbts print articles that say that everyone not a jw is of satans world doomed for destruction????????????????????And speak out against all earthly governments,when there main HQs is sitting in a free country.If they don't like it here,why doesn't the GB move there litttle shop of horrors right into the middle of the guarden of eden???????Instead,they let all of our armed forces and first responders,ie............police and firemen and such protect there little asses over here,while our young boys and girls get there asses shot off in battle fighting those who would take the worlds freedoms away???????????????????????????????????????And i always laugh large about how non violent the jws are,by not bearing arms for there country.Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????????...If thats the case,then why do many jws hunt anamils with guns,becuase the law of the land says they can????????????They remind me of numerous Nimrods,as a bunch of mighty hunters in opposistion to Jehovah.............If the jws are in ther spiritual paradise in ther kindom halls,now preparing to enter Gods new world order,does shooting at innocent animals with firearms sit well with their preaching????????????Let me see...........the bible says God takes care of the lillies of the field,and when a sparrow falls God is near,Jesus said you are worth more then them............still does it sit well with God..............to see his loving peacefull christians..........with a bible in one hand,and a gun in the other??????????Hummmmmmmmmmmmm???????????Did the little sparrow fall or was it shot down by a hungry christian????????????????........Lastly.........does anyone think that Jehovah God and Jesus will allow weapons that kill people and animals,to exist in the 1000 year reign of Christ??????????Have they forgotten Isaiahs words in chapter 11........that the lion will eat straw just like the bull,and young child will put his hand on a poisonous snake,and be the leader over them all????????????And Isaiah 2:2-4 about beat their swords into plowshares,and their spears into pruning shears,and look they will not do harm,or cause riun in all of my holy mountain,because Jehovah will fill the earth,as the waters are covering the sea!If we live for Jehovah from the day we baptize our souls to him for all eternity,why then do some still think that it's ok to turn around and look back at sodom and gomorrah.Do they not know that they too,might be turned into a pillar of salt like lots wife?????????????

  • cameo-d

    Can someone post a link to Simon's pic? I have never seen it. Thanks.

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