About posting your picture be careful!

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  • RedhorseWoman

    Just wondering....does anyone besides me think that this whole terror of the elders finding out who we are is actually quite bizarre?

    I mean, what kind of religious group is this that has such a hold on our lives? Would people on a discussion board dealing with their concerns about any other religion be worried that the local minister would see their pictures on a DB?

    We always tell householders to examine their religions, and yet we live in fear that the elders will find out we are examining ours. This is truly frightening....this is mind control at its finest.

  • Seven

    You took the words right out of my mouth Red. What
    are we afraid of? I think deep down inside we all know the answer to that one. We all sit here like a deer in the headlights.

    How many times have we heard over the years to avoid independent thinking and that right conduct requires a making over of the mind? It's no wonder
    we are like we are even if we long to be different.

  • Simon

    I honestly don't think that most elders are clued up enough about the internet to even find this board...they probably don't even have computers let alone internet connections (or is this just my hall?)
    How about, for those that dont want to expose themselves, we have piccies of pets, film-stars, singers etc... (I don't mind seeing a nice pic of Jerry Ryan whenever seven posts for example )

  • overthehillgrandma

    I think all in good time...I just am so new to the internet, and boards that I have to feel comfortable with these new issues......this sure has been fun and eyeopening, it is a big small world, and the resorces are limitless, I can type in just one word and hit enter and poof here comes information.....this board is good because I can be me without fear of reprisal, and for the first time in five yrs I have found others that have my same fears, questions, etc and we can voice them.........what a great free feeling

  • Simon

    Hi Seven !
    Thanks for the piccy...why do I have the feeling that your posts will be viewed more than anyone elses ?

  • Seven

    Thank you Simon! I didn't expect you to get it posted so soon. It was nice of you to help me out.
    Have a nice weekend. :)


  • spectromize

    Dear SevenofNine,

    Now is that really you or an elders wife before I start flirting with you?

  • spectromize

    Ok, I'll flirt with the one with the longer hair, the greener eyes, and the quadruple salary.

  • Ozzygal

    It is bizarre, but there aren't many other religions that will ostracize you so completely if you dare to question anything. I've seen it happen. A bro' or sis' raises some doubt or questions the Society's direction and all of a sudden they are like a marked person. They are avoided like they have some contagious disease, or something.

    We are supposed to make sure of what we believe in, but if we question anything... lookout. It's a strange contradiction, don't you think?

  • Seven

    This is why I come here Ozzygal-to preserve my sanity.

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