About posting your picture be careful!

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  • Seven

    waiting, I will accept your advice and attempt to keep the lines of communication open with my family. I love them all dearly. Maybe someday soon
    we can agree to disagree.

    I can appreciate your comments about southern women. I wish to add that southerners are some of the most charming, hospitable, down to earth, family-oriented, and soulful people I have ever met. I have one Aunt who was born and raised in the south and often traveled with her to visit her
    kin. I was grateful for this experience. I just love you "Steel Magnolias." I forgot to include witty in the above butt kissing sentence.

    Here is a list of my obvious flaws in case you still need something to feel smug about:

  • Olivia

    I have no desire to post a picture as I do think it a bit of a risk. My life experiences (a very colourful life I might add!) have taught me to be careful about expressing my thoughts on some matters with fellow JW's. Life is not all black and white, it is 99% grey, and I would be considered to have too much of a mind, let alone an open one! Back home, I had one friend who was like-minded and we would go out for coffee and chat about all sorts. Things we could never discuss with anyone else in the Congregation, for fear of being misinterpreted, or worse, judged and labelled! I have moved away from my homeland, but we still keep in touch. This forum seems to be a venue for intellectual exchanges, for the most part.


    I'm still new to the computer, how do you post pics? I would love to post one of my dogs.

  • COMF
    I don't want everyone to go: "Man, is THAT what she looks like?"

    Oh, knock it off. You know darn well you're drop-dead gorgeous.

  • Englishman

    I have to tell you that there comes the most incredible rush of freedom, once you have posted your pic and admitted to your real identity, there ain't no going back!

    (I was going tp post a pic of me sat on a swan, but maybe I won't)


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    A few years ago I made the decision to give up my fear of the elders coming after me. Like what are they going to do? Disfellowship me - sorry too late already done that.

    I just plain refuse to live in fear of this disgusting borg mentality or a bunch of uneducated window washers - life ain't worth it

  • ballistic

    What people should bear in mind here is common internet safety guide lines. Whatever you post here is accessible to just about everyone. Every place on earth that has unrestricted internet access can freely read here from activists and extremists to Christains, atheists, various political groups, prisoners and perpetrators of crimes in various contries and ghettos and normal folk like your neighbours.

    Don't post your full name or surname, never give out a phone number or IP address and only show your email address if your willing to change it at 5 mins notice and it is not connected to any kind of profile.

    As regards where you live, I am changing my UK map thread to show counties and not towns. I think this is another sensible precaution. Especially do not name your congregation name or home town in general posts.

    Other than that sleep tight.

  • ColdRedRain

    I'm following LL's lead. The elders can do jack shi+ to me. I was never baptized, and the most they could do is tell the family I already dislike not to talk to me anymore. http://www.geocities.com/merrhell/zosmile19.jpg

  • Pleasuredome

    another blast from the past.

  • Valis

    Wanna play a game cheese and cracker men?


    Cerveza Excesiva del Districto of the "I'm With lady lee On This One" class

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