I can't help that I think less of poor spellers

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  • gubberningbody

    Dear White Dove,

    You misspelled the words 'intolerant' and 'pion' (unless you were referring to pi mesons in the latter).

    Best Wishes,


  • artemis.design

    I am an awful speller -it is the bain of my life. I have tried and tried to improved. I have a spelling book and a game on the internet, but I don't seem to have improved much. When I went to school it was at a time when spelling just was not important. I think it was about 3% of our grade. I passed with an "A" in English Lit, without even being able to spell literature. Mm this was about 15 years ago. Since then the spell check on computers have just made things worse. I have tried to study the origin of the language to try and understand it's meaning more. I am not sure if this has helped my spelling but it is interesting to learn about. I did not know there was a spell check on here.

  • LouBelle

    is gubberning in the dictionary? anyone?

  • undercover
    Sometimes it is just a typo,or a slip of the finger - it happnes

    LOL...if that was on purpose...good one

  • snowbird

    I'm a pretty good speller.

    It's using your when the meaning is you're - or vice versa - that grates on my nerves!

    Other than that, it's all good.

    Sylvia (winner of many a Spelling Bee in her childhood)

  • isaacaustin

    Ok, I will try to be less careless with my spelling. :) I am a great speller....always won the spelling bees in school...just careless at times.

  • bluecanary

    What bothers me is when people purposefully do not use correct writing techniques in a way that makes their post very difficult to read. Writing in all caps or not using caps at all. No periods, too many ellipses, enormous paragraphs and odd formatting mean I have to work extra hard to understand what you say. It seems egotistical to me, when people think they deserve to be lazy but still have me give extra effort in understanding them.

  • snowbird

    Oh, there's another one!

    Definately for definitely.

    I'm done.


  • undercover

    Run-on sentences really bug me as some posters just can't seem to make a simple point and end the sentence but instead drone on and on even after the thought is clearly conveyed but keep going so it gets all confusing because the sentence is dis-jointed and meandering going from one point to another and never ever any punctuation not even commas or hyphens and you can forget ever seeing a period it's like they just type and type and never think of proof-reading it to see how it reads or sounds really irritating

  • snowbird

    Ah hah!


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