JWs produce useless men

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  • yknot

    Useless in material pursuits........yes often times.

    Un-Manly.......the only ones I know are a result of poor parenting.

    Sorry but majority of Brothers I have known (umm not biblically) are men just like their worldly peers..... but wearing suits.

    WORDLY-Hubby says I don't know what I am talking about so EDITING to ADD:)

    (hubby's opinion)...... JW males act in ways JW females perceive as 'manly' in JW activities due to gender seperation within the 'responsibilities & privileges' of the Dubbie-world but unless the JW male has a strong male figure who leads him to 'being his own man' he tends to appear as 'weak' by worldly peers.........

    (My response) In defense of some of the males he has listed I am going to point out that what he as a worldly perceive as 'weak' is what we called 'mild'......

    (hubby) Now he is pointing out that all but 1 of our Elders were 'worldly' and that is why they knew how to 'reach-out' effectively.....

    (me).... okay that is enough or this is going to be an annoying conversation ......

  • BorgHater

    Any bloke who puts the demands of a bunch of old coffin dodgers ahead of the happiness (and lives) of his wife and children is a disgrace to the word 'Man'. Many so-called men (jw's) are quite happy to do just that. Harsh but true. Even as a JW my dad made up his mind there was no way he would deny me blood as a child and let me die. My dad is a REAL man!

    BorgHater x

  • dissed

    Real men that physcally fight in bars and such are real stupid.

    Real men that prove their manliness by beating up their wives are real stupid.

    Real men that bullie inferiors are real stupid.

    Anyone that wants a man like that is real stupid.

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  • palmtree67

    My JW husbnd allowed me to be abused by both my family and the congregation, all in the name of "keeping the peace."

    My non-JW boyfriend sees me crying and the first thing he asks is "Whose ass am I kicking, babe?"

    Love him.

  • dinah

    The ones that grow balls and leave aren't useless.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I get what is suggested here. To some degree, the JW growing up doesn't really participate in sports or boyscouts.
    He willingly and freely admits to being a virgin with no experience whatsoever with girls until late teens or even later.

    But it goes too far to suggest that's unmanly.

    He has to endure peer pressure galore. He learns to accept rejection at school and in the field circus. He doesn't have time for cartoons on Saturday morning. He learns to bottle up his feelings about everything- that's what many people think a man does.

    If he's a faithful JW, he's faithful to his wife and stays with her no matter what, instead of just cheating on her. That's a man.

    Despite the fact that his core beliefs are warped, he stays true to them- very much a man.

    He supports his family- again very manly.

    He totally dominates his wife- again, some think that's very manly. Imagine the difference there. Some of the manliest of men cannot control their woman. A JW tells her how her obedience is a blessing and allows him to advance in the organization, so he makes all the decisions.

    I mixed real man qualities with the stereotype ones for a reason. People are people. If you look at some JW men, you will see effemenate ones, but others are quite burly. Some of the women are butch and some are foo-foo. People are people.

    A non witness who had studied the JWs commented that the religion produce unmanly men. Do you agree with him?

    I don't think that this is something exclusive to the JWs. I think that all cults do this.

  • Satanus

    Reminds me of the save the pandas program. The ones that they raised didn't last long, when they were released to the wilds. They couldn't defend themselves. Most of them died within a yr.


  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    And many situations like this occur frequently at the back of the Hall.

    But I want to brother, my needs are great !

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