JWs produce useless men

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  • JWoods

    Who you callin' useless? My penile extension(s) are far bigger than anybody elses...or so I have been told several times on this board.

    Of course, it was obvious from early on that I had a fundamental attitude difference with the JW status quo.

    As a matter of fact, so did most of the JW men that I know who had the stones to leave them.

  • metatron

    Let's cut the Politically Correct Crap. Farkel is right. Testosterone has real effects.

    I once read a female columnist who wanted to know what it felt like to be a man. She got a prescription for testosterone and doubled up on the dosage. After a while, she noticed that her female buddies didn't think she was charming anymore. She was acting in command getting stuff done. She was kicking a$$ and taking names. People said she was 'curt' and her voice flattened out into blunt talk.

    She stopped taking the hormone. It wasn't fun anymore. If you doubt me, read "Self Made Man" by Nora Vincent in which she impersonates a man and decides it isn't pleasant. She went back to being a lesbian with new found sympathy for men.

    That said, Does the Watchtower create useless men? Do you need to ask? Isn't it obvious?

    Young Witness men are widely socially inept. I'd say about 25% of the elders are dominated by their smarter wives. Another 25% are chronically ill or generally incompetent. Another 25% are cold hearted fanatics who care nothing for the friends. The rest are depressed and thinking about leaving.


  • freddo

    Just reading metatron's post above re: 25% elders dominated by their smarter wives, 25% ill or incompetent, 25% uncaring cold hearted fanatics and 25% depressed.

    I thought I'd apply it fairly to the degree it is true to the elders in my congregation and it is chilling in it's accuracy although there is a bit of overlapping!

    Elder 1 (on service committee) Smarter wife but not domineering - Chronically ill and depressed; fanatical but does care.

    Elder 2 (on service committee) Smarter wife who doesn't dominate him but she is bossy to others. Actually OK if a little incompetant

    Elder 3 (on service committee) OK but if it's a matter of judgement then the next person up the food chain (CO or Branch) is always right.

    Elder 4 TMS or WT overseer - Dominated by wife, Fanatical.

    Elder 5 TMS or WT overseer - Uncaring and cold hearted

    Elder 6 - Dominated by wife, chronically ill, incompetent, depressed

    Elder 7 - Dominated by wife, chronically ill, depressed

    Elder 8 - Fanatic

    Min Servs

    1. Chronically ill, dominated by wife

    2. Incompetent, dominated by wife

    3. Depressed

    4. Single; Mentally challenged

    5. Wife way smarter but supports him

    6. OK

    7. OK

    8. Dominated by his mother.

    9. Uncaring

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