What exactly are JWs unique in?

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  • dissed

    I like your reasoning OTWO, especially about the 'spirit-directed' GB.

    At least the Mormons are honest and say they have a prophet, while the JW's claim , "no, they are not inspired", but then define it every other way. In fact, the GB puts themselves above the scriptures in requiring obedience to them over non-scriptural matters.

  • lepermessiah

    This is very interesting to me - especially growing up in the JW environment my whole life.

    Does anyone know how other faiths interpret Jesus' words about the Faithful and Discreet Slave?

    OTWO and Dissed - I like what you said. I always thought the WT Society was very sly in the way they applied the term "inspired" and "spirit directed" because they are quick to say no, we are not inspired but if you go against us you are working against God's spirit.......

    hmm - isnt that pretty much the same??

  • JWoods

    There used to be a really disgusting hour talk outline (back in the day - yes I drew it at least once for the hour talk trade arounds)...

    It did this sort of in reverse: Listing about every known religion and then pointing out one or more (actually always more) things they believed which "proved" that "they did not have the truth". Coming the closest to "whole truth" at the end of the talk were IIRC the Christadelphians and the 7th day Adventists. But they too messed up on certain things...


    What a surprise - I can only imagine (and did so at the time) what a real uninitiated member of the "public" would have thought about this public talk.

  • Farkel

    :What exactly are JWs unique in?

    They alone hold the modern record of oustanding achievement with 125 years of prophesying and a 100% record of failure.

    No other modern religion even comes close.


  • isaacaustin

    Agreed Farkel, it seems to me the GB does stand alone as the league leader in false prophecies. WOuld this be a basis for Jesus to chose them to handle his earthly affairs?

  • wobble

    I started a similar thread to this ages ago,it went to 20 or so pages,but all the JW apologists who came on could not present one thing that was unique and defensible by scripture.

    They struggled even more with the concept that at least one such unique doctrine,still taught by them today, must have been there in1919 for Jesus to choose them over say the Christadelphians who as the talk outline referred to above, taught much of what dubs teach today.

    I think they are unique in being totally blind to reason,logic and scripture.



  • JWoods

    I think that what they would say to this if you could ever truly pin them down is that they hold the "one complete combinational set of truths" which make them the unique truth.

    It is ironic to then realize that practically no single truth except the hatred of the immortal soul and hellfire has survived the Russell doctrines of circa 1914.

    So by that standard, their real 1914 doctrinal combination compared today would not make even 99th on the list of wrongness from that old talk I had to give.

  • wobble

    They did come back with the combined truths thingy,but as you rightly point out, JWoods, there is not a body of truth from 1919 that has survived,so just one "truth" not held by other contenders for this envied title (?) of FDS is necessary ,I have asked on here and Elders and long serving Dubs.


    Are they saying that the Lord Jesus had no reason to choose them in 1919 and yet he did?




    I`ve caught Jehovah`s Witness`s in Lies..

    When they have come to my door..

    I don`t know any other religion that knocks on your door ..

    Then lies to you,about what they believe..

    I believe,going from door to door..

    To Lie to people..

    Is Unique to Jehovah`s Witness`s..

    Crazy 1


  • jookbeard

    very true Outlaw, also sending peopdophiles to the door without Criminal Record Checks must be unique

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