What exactly are JWs unique in?

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  • jookbeard

    proof is important surely, after all the WTS uses so called proof from it's books to try and prove that they are the chosen channel of God shame they fail , call me old fashioned but I like proof

  • PSacramento

    On wiki there is an entry " Persecution of christians", one can find info there.

  • bluecanary

    I'm with Isaac on this one. AE made a claim that was not religious, but statistical in nature. We asked her for the source of this claim. We are accused of "twisting" her words and still not offered the source of her claim.

  • isaacaustin

    typical troll. But then again her posting has made that obvious. Her claim can be disproved by the JW Yearbook from that time period. There were not 1,000,000 JWs then were there?

  • PSacramento

    If I recall correctly, in Russia the JW's were not perseccuted ANYMORE than all the other religious organizations.

    In China the issue was their door-to-door activities NOT their preaching.

    There were some JW missionaries killed in what used to be Burma (Myramar now?) and in indonesia, but they were much less in numebr than the other christian missionaries also killed there.

    Certainly in total numers or missionaries killed or persecuted they pale in comparison to other Christian denominations.

    And going outside christianity and seeing the persecution of Jews and muslims, well, lets not even go there.

    AE views seem to be unfounded.

    Have JW been persecuted? Yes and so have every other religious denomination.

  • isaacaustin

    JWs, persecuted...hmm they have been the butt of a few jokes. LOL

    Their so-called persecution in Mexico was not a ban on their preaching...only on the holding of real property....in other countries as well where they claim persecution it is generally a tax issue...not attacks on them as they claim.

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