A Smurf walked out of the Kingdom Hall

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  • Joshnaz

    Sorry John Doe were you speaking for everyone when you said "It has has NOT happened to anyone"? Tell that to them, mabee do a little research on excercism. or the demonic. Or does this throw a wrench in your GOD and Demons don't exist theory. Why are you being so shallow, man? Can't you have a open mind to others who have experienced these things of negotive energies?

  • Satanus

    Prolonged stress and fear can change perception and memories in adults. In a little kid's mind, that smurphobic atmosphere could do the something similar, perhaps making him imagine something. For instance read this:


    The Neuroscience of “Enhanced Interrogation”
    Alex Knapp | Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    Wired reports that studies show that “enhanced interrogation”, far from being a reliable source of information, can actually make someone less of an intelligence asset because the stress involved changes the biochemistry of the brain:

    “There is a vast literature on the effects of extreme stress on motivation, mood and memory, using both animals and humans,” writes Shane O’Mara, a stress researcher at Ireland’s Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. “These techniques cause severe, repeated and prolonged stress, which compromises brain tissue supporting memory and executive function.”


    A report published by the Intelligence Science Board in 2007 found that no research existed to support the use of enhanced interrogation. And O’Mara’s review, published Monday in Trends in Cognitive Science, describes a wealth of science that supports ending the practice.

    O’Mara derides the belief that extreme stress produces reliable memory as “folk neurobiology” that “is utterly unsupported by scientific evidence.” The hippocampus and prefrontal cortex — the brain’s centers of memory processing, storage and retrieval — are profoundly altered by stress hormones. Keep the stress up long enough, and it will “result in compromised cognitive function and even tissue loss,” warping the minds that interrogators want to read.

    What’s more, tortured suspects might not even realize when they’re lying. Frontal lobe damage can produce false memories: As torture is maintained for weeks or months or years, suspects may incorporate their captors’ allegations into their own version of reality.'




  • dissed


    The story is incredible, no?

    But, we laughed about the Smurfs story when on holiday in England and two Elders chastised us for mocking it. "You Americans don't have to deal with Demons like we do!"

    Apparently, they have lots of demon problems, more than us?

    Can any one from England confirm if this is true? Lots of demon stuff, I mean.

    I know one Elder said not to let the demons control us. He meant the fear. Yet, isn't that what the WTS does to people over demon stuff.

    They create the fear and then say, and "we are the only ones who can save you".

  • bluecanary
    I know one Elder said not to let the demons control us. He meant the fear. Yet, isn't that what the WTS does to people over demon stuff.
    They create the fear and then say, and "we are the only ones who can save you".

    That is 100% true! I used to lie awake terrified if I heard the slightest noise. OH NOES ITS TEH DEMONZ! It took a little while, but that fear has completely disappeard. Now if I walked into the living room and my couch was floating on the ceiling I wouldn't feal a twitch of fear--just overwhelming fascination and curiosity. Amazing how those kind experiences never happen to people like me . . . .

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi Josh:

    I believe you. The information below may be a long shot, but I own and have read the book below about a so-called mistaken identity. It's a matter of how the brain receives and "translates" stimuli. I've seen things others haven't. And vice versa.


    The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales is a 1985 book by neurologist Oliver Sacks describing the case histories of some of his patients. The title of the book comes from the case study of a man with visual agnosia.

    The book comprises 24 essays split into 4 sections which each deal with a particular aspect of brain function such as deficits and excesses in the first two sections (with particular emphasis on the right hemisphere of the brain) while the third and fourth describe phenomenological manifestations with reference to spontaneous reminiscences, altered perceptions, and extraordinary qualities of mind found in "retardates".


  • Joshnaz

    Ok bluecanary-

    I just watched the video and yes it does make sense. Also I like your response, it doesn't criticize me like everyone else. I come here to learn. I like the imput of thoughts others have like the response you have. I am fairly new to this way of thinking and for the most part I agree with it. I will watch the movie Hoodwinked like you stated and see what message it has for myself. Everyone can learn from bluecanary in a way of reasoning, if they ever come into contact with a JW who wants to talk. Instead of reassuring them that you are all evil and of the devil. Why not reason in a way that states your mind and gives the other one the benefit of the doubt.

    Bluecanary you say you have a much higher criteria on choosing what to believe, could you elaborate more on that?

  • OnTheWayOut

    I couldn't have been the source of the rumor because the rumor was already in existance when I saw the smurf. I deliberately remember looking at it to see what smurf it was but it was just a generic smurf.

    My previous reply: or you heard the smurf story way back then and imagined your own version of it.

    Okay, you were young and wondering if the story was true. You looked at this smurf to see if it could happen. Meetings are boring. You fell asleep and dreamed/imagined this. It was so realistic because you were told the other story was absolutely true.

    You've heard the smurf story and you insist that your story is true. You deny reality. You know it ain't true. Get help if you cannot face reality. Get help if you think the demons pick on you. If you cannot afford help, call 911 and/or go to the emergency room if you ever hear voices or feel like hurting yourself or others. This is not a joke.

  • Joshnaz

    Dissed and COCO -

    This was exactly the thing I needed. WOW! Your words are very true and make absolute sense. I guess you can say I received "new light" lol No really this is really agreeable Please if you have any more insight I would love to hear it.

  • Joshnaz


    Ok these people are really starting to make sense. I'll be OK. If you have any information on neurology or how the WT puts fear into your head and causes the brain to see things (especially at a influencial age of 5-6) I would be really interested in reading it.

    John Doe-

    You are right. but you dont have to come across as such an A**.


    You are right. but you see I am getting help. By posting on here and asking for everyones imput I am seeking the help I need. Some just say it better than others.

  • bluecanary

    Josh, I could kiss you. I have posted this information on several other threads in the same manner, yet people still think I'm attacking them! Thank you for accepting my post in the spirit that it was intended.

    I think that when people leave the JWs they adopt the mantra "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." In general, we tend to be choosier about our beliefs. There are three basic ways (that I can think of at this moment) to come to a belief: (1) personal perception, (2) the testimony of others or (3) the scientific method.

    Since adopting the post-JW mantra, we are less likely to rely on #2 when choosing what to believe. Personal perception is good for certain things. It works for small, unimportant things like which comedian we find funny or what flavor coffee we like. It helps us pick friends. And it works in choosing religious beliefs and values. If something good happens to me, I may perceive it as a blessing from God. No one else has to believe that; if it brings comfort and happiness to me it is my right to have that perception and choose that belief.

    When it comes to others trying to convince us of something we tend to rely on #3, the scientific method. You can read more about that here.

    Again, you don't have to use this method to choose your particular beliefs. You do have to expect to use it to convince others to believe the same thing.

    No tongue.

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