How Much WT Literature is Still in Your Life?

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  • dissed


    Will you have the most important source of info, the Web available?

  • wantstoleave

    I have been inactive for the best part of 5yrs...but I still have some literature lying around. I saying lying around, because I dont read it, or look at it. For many years now, just knowing its there, seeing it - makes me feel mixed emotions. Anger, frustration, get the picture. Last year an elders wife offered me some older books, as she was doing a clean out. I didnt want to say yes, but felt pressured. She called me over to collect it, and me thinking it would be a few books turned into literally 100 ! Boxes full. So into my car they went, and when I got home, straight into the trash!

    I havent read a WT or Awake all the way through in at least 5yrs. Ive maybe scanned some articles here and there.

  • LouBelle

    nothing, zip, nadda. It was all torn and thrown out pretty much as soon as I left. My cousins that were still in wanted me to give them the Aid, Insight books etc , but I couldn't.

    I don't scan over anything anymore - have no desire to even keep up to date with what's going on there. A friend of mine at work brought me a watchtower and awake that Jws had left - that was the first set I'd laid eyes on and touched in over 4 years. Told him to trash the junk mail.

  • Heaven

    I still have too much. Even one publication is too much.... however... I keep the red "Your Youth" book to remind me of the inequity for women in this organization. I also have an NWT so I can see where they've changed stuff. I have the 196xs 'Truth' book and the revised 198xs 'Truth' book. I keep some of the magazines that I've marked regarding unbiblical statements/pictures and statements I don't agree with. I think it's good to have some of this hard evidence to show the Wankness of the Watchtower.

    Perhaps one day I will do as Snakes did and burn it.

    To AE... I'm sure there are many on here who would sell their stuff to you. Check out eBay as well. When my Dad goes, I'll be selling all of his stuff. He has books starting at 1960 and forward to present day CDs. Many of the CDs have not been opened.

  • isaacaustin

    AE, you love Ted J??? His name is the antithesis of Jesus. I am sure you are unaware that he was mainly responsible for the pedopilia coverup. DId you know that? he is a miserable person who deserves all he gets.

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