How Much WT Literature is Still in Your Life?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Especially those that no longer go to any meetings, but even those that still go- How much WT literature do you read or scan over?

    Blondie does her weekly study article comments. Flipper started commenting on articles in upcoming issues. Many get the mags or the new releases. Some of you read them to know what's going on/coming up.

    Personally, my wife leaves some older stuff in the car and often does her deep WT study in about 10 minutes while I am driving and listening to hard rock on the radio. I never go into her bag to find her Kingdom Ministry or magazines. I have stopped going on the WT Library CD about a year or more ago.

    What about you? Do you still read the stuff? Do you get it from a friend or family member? Do you avoid it like it has the plague? If you still go to meetings, do you still "study" for them or just go?

  • Finally-Free

    I threw it all out a few years ago. No desire to read any more.


  • tigeress

    i threw mine out, and watched it flutter down the street in the wind for weeks... good times!;)

    the only time i see any literature now is when its rubbish laying on the street... which come to think of it....

  • yknot

    I am still faithful in my readings and is pretty automatic much like taking notes in the meetings.

  • BorgHater

    Up until a few years ago, every time i came across a WT and had a quick read i felt like punching someone!! I felt they may still have the truth but the articles made me feel a mixture of guilt, anger and disgust. I couldn't bear to look at any of their publications, it was too painful.

    But since i have come to realise they do not have the truth, are not God's mouthpiece and are a corrupt and vile cult, if i come across a WT i don't mind having a flick through, just to be nosey, as i now see it for the misleading filth it is.

    Oh, and i cut up my mini Live Forever book and made it into a toilet roll, lol. I've got some great pics of it but not sure how to post them

    BorgHater x

  • chickpea

    i am amazed at how many nooks
    and crannies still harbor the crap....

    a brisk and brief round of "summer clothes
    storage vs winter clothes inventory" revealed
    a stash i had no idea was still clotting up my life!!

    i have two heavy boxes headed to the dump
    filled with untouched convention releases,
    dog eared and battered song books,
    bible story books, spiral bound isaiah books
    heavily studied, large study editions of the NWT,
    yada stinking yada .....

    just last week found an unopened WT-Library CD...
    sent it off to someone who was interested in it...

    i am not sure i will ever get all of it out of here,
    but i guarantee none that is found stays!!!!

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I gave away some of it here.

    I burned the last container the other day.

    Looking at my bookshelf, the only WT related literature I still have is a couple of NWT bibles and my MTS binder with all the references printed out... don't know why I haven't tossed it.... it is old light now anyway.... lol..

    So, essentially...N O N E ....unless you include the occasional Kool-Aid Edition of the Watchtower that my JW mom mails me...which is immediately fed to the shredder and properly recycled (soon to be recycled into bedding for the 8 year-old's hamster.)

    What a relief to finally be rid of it all. As I was feeding the last of it into the fire a week or so ago, I reflected on how much time I wasted "studying" that crap, highlighting it, taking notes, writing and practicing talks, etc. I have so much more time these days to read what I want, do what I want, find other opportunities...all because I got rid of that crap. excellent book on eliminating clutter (JW and otherwise) from your life is called Clutter Control by Jeff Campbell (ISBN 0-440-50339-6)..I bought it back in 1992 and it has been my guide to living all this time...I went back and reread it...I may have to post a topic on the subject of clutter.

    Snakes (Rich )



    I read some of it on line..Mostly here..


  • cheerios

    i cant stand the sight of it. havent gone to a meeting in nearly 10 years and still meeting-free. dunno .. just the thought of reading that crap makes my stomach hurt.

  • villabolo

    Shortly before being disfellowshipped I sold my humble collection to a brother for five dollars. He kept insisting on giving me more. Shortly after I was disfellowshipped I dumped my entire collection of "Truth" books in sixty-some different languages. The Russian version had the word Pravda printed on the spine, a sure measure of the Writing Committees' lack of irony. Now I wish I would have kept it all and expanded my collection.


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