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  • dissed


    A friend told me in their HUD townehouse, its filled with many JW's and several retired from the CO work. This is a decent location with pretty good design.

    No assisted care, but they (WTS) probably are printing some booklet to help with that.

    "When you can help your brothers with end of life decisions"

    Chapter one: Is suicide all that bad?

  • yknot

    Chapter Two: Outlines of Suicide Notes

    Dissed you are soooo naughty....

    Our previous CO asked about apartment caretaker positions that came with quarters should he find himself out of the circuit (via layoff) after next assignment ends.

    Perhaps that is the next window washer job among soon to be ExCOs and SP-ExBethelites.

    Would any of our JWN Ex-COs care to comment if they were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements with the WTS.......

  • dissed

    Your line is funnier than mine. Shame on YOU.

    The last CO that we actually liked was late in getting his assignment. I told him to write Bethel and ask what the problem was. He said you don't do that. He was older and getting worried.

    So, dissed thought it would be fun to send him a phoney letter, which I did. It was perfect with all the proper logos. We had him out of the work and reccomending with his contacts he could make a good living selling Amway. Followed with a chastisement of 'you should have written us and showed you cared sooner". Then quoting the women begging the unrightious judge for a decision.

    Yes he thought it was funny and with all seriousness shared it at our Elders meeting like it was genuine.

  • Gayle

    Truly, I always felt sorry for circuit overseers wives,,how awful, living somewhere a week at a time, over several years,,for most women that would be torture/miserable to never have your own space, no matter how humble. Then, there was a big change of many getting their own little trailer which I thought was so reasonable, but then I think that was squelched by headquarters (in late 80s?)

    Knorr asked us in '73 if we would consider circuit work when we got married, without hesitation I was yelling, to myself only of course, no way!!! I suspect nowadays, JW young women assert themselves more and will tolerate less, they are a bit more in tuned to their comfort level as I think women of years ago suppressed themselves more.

  • yesidid

    Truly, I always felt sorry for circuit overseers wives

    Me too!

    I suspect nowadays, JW young women assert themselves more and will tolerate less,

    I think you are right. A special pioneer couple we know were invited to the circuit. The brother replied that they would love that, and they would buy a trailer to live in.

    HQ said "sorry no trailer."

    Pioneer couple wrote back: "No trailer no circuit work".

    HQ replied: "On second thoughts you can have the trailer."


  • Balsam

    I just discovered my neighbor grandfather (who adopted her in 1967 from a Catholic orphanage) was a CO in Florida up until then. He had been raised a JW and had married a woman back in the 40's who was going to get baptized but then reneged and remained a Catholic. To stay married to her she had to promise to have their children yet unborn raised as JW's, no holidays celebrated not allowed to share her religion with her children. They had 2 sons and 1 daughter all raised by the father in the JW religion. One son and one daughter went on to marry in the religion and have remained strong in it along with their children. One son chose not to remain in it but was never baptized. The wife volunteered for Catholic Orphanage and in 1964 fell in love with a baby girl and she went home taking all the time about this baby. Well over the next 3 years the JW husband now a Circuit Overseer began going to visit the baby girl and fell in love with her two and wanted to adopt her. Because of the husband being a strong JW he was expected to raise her as a JW kid, the wife said he had ruined their children and she refused to be sign for him to adopt her. He wanted to raise this little girl so badly that he gave up his JW position, his JW religion and he and his non-witness son adopted her and he signed a statement for his wife stating that Kimberly would never be raised as a JW ever. None of the active JW kids they had raised wanted anything to do with them including their grandchildren except for emergency. Kimberly became the center of their joy and their lives.

    They had lived in JW community of other wealthy JW's in Florida, he had donated $5000 a month to the KH and contributed $25,000 for the construction of the KH he attended when he was home. All those years his wife kept her money separate from his (she had come from a wealthy family herself). She had a home on the coast and she would leave and go celebrate Christmas, holidays & birthdays at her other home while her children were raised in the witness. Kimberly's adoptive parents were in their mid 40's when they decided to adopt her. I understand that her grandfather was a surgeon in a no blood surgical & medical facility and he was let go when he decided to give it all up. They packed up and moved away, he got a job in a hospital away from there and bought a home. He had no more contact with his JW kids and the wife and mother of the grown kids are angry with Kimberly inheriting the family wealth. Kimberly loved her parents she knew as her grandparents and still takes care of the Catholic grandmother. The grandmother talks against the JW's constantly and calls them thieves. I thought that was the most astonishing story of love. The grandmother had tried to get her husband away from the witness for all their married life and it took him finding love in the face of a baby girl needing him to break the spell. I've often wondered what he knew about the JW's behind the scenes that brought him enough doubt to finally break free enough to allow himself to love Kimberly and not want her raised as a JW.

    Anyway I'd thought I'd share this marvelous story of a CO who got free entirely in about 1967. His last name was Studebaker

  • HappyDad

    Sounds like an upright man to me!

    I'd say it was because he already had $money$ and didn't need to rely on the organization and KH's to take care of all his needs. Because of this, he was able to think out of the box.

    The CO's who stay like the life of not working menial jobs to support themselves.


  • RienOnVanIsle

    Funny stuff, Gregor, though I can't say I've ever noticed any sign of alcoholism among the CO wives I've known in about 35 years in Da Troof. Many of them seemed pretty cool and a lot freer than your average elder. At least back when they could still speak their mind to some extent and give talks they themselves had written.

    We had this brother in the cong who so desperately wanted to be an elder. When we were sitting at a meal with the CO and DO present he would be namesdropping about where he'd been, what Bethel he'd helped out in and who had needed his advice, etc. Suddenly the DO said: "Tom, have you ever considered partaking of the emblems?" And Tom said: "No?!" Said the DO: "Well, think about it." We had a hard time supressing our laughter. The quizzical look on Tom's face was priceless.

    About twenty years ago or so the role of the CO became more strictly regulated and in line with The Organization, in other words, a lot of bureacratic crap and a lot more enforcement of Society policies.

    God, the endless boredom of being a Dub. Sooo glad I'm out.

  • wasblind

    Welcome RienOnVansle

  • notverylikely

    I knew one...and he was a self-righteous, egotistical sumbitch. It was no wonder he was self-respecting woman, hard-up and JW even, would marry that prick.

    Ah, good old Kevin Wright... :)

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