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  • Ancientofdays

    "The rumour is that unless u are under 40, u will not be a CO"

    The Bible clearly states that God Spirit doesn't work for over 40.
    Oh , yeah , maybe it works just for Governing Body members ...

  • cheerios

    you dont see many single COs anymore because they are in jail for pedophilia ...

    just sayin

  • blondie

    Actually, cheerios, 3/4 of all pedophiles are married or in a "committed" relationship.

  • besty

    Nice one Gregor

  • freedomreigns

    From what Ive heard CO arrangement will be rearranged. Several months ago an article clearly mentioned the secular work Paul did. It went on to say that Paul worked hard, to avoid being a burden to others.

    New arrangement will most likely be visits from Thurs-Sunday or Fri-Sunday.

    CO's will start working (part-time obviously). This puts an example to other brothers and lessens the money spent on them.

  • Gregor

    Sorry Gregor, but I have known many, many co's and do's during my life sentence with the witnesses,

    but not one has fitted your description.

    However I am sure there is one, perhaps even the world.

    Well, I don't know your experience, Yesidid, but this profile is not something I dreamt up. Obviously, the last part about the CO couple being "retired" by 'Mother' is my own visualization. But, not only did I know a half dozen situations as I described, one was an uncle and the other (still going last I heard) is a cousin. If he were to read it he would recognize himself without question.

  • ldrnomo

    The profile Gregor gave is not some every now and then happening the only reason so many don't know about them go's back to the secrecy of the WTS.

    Anything that makes the Jehovah's Witnesses look like everyone else or maybe even worse then everyone else is secret.



    Funny stuff Gregor!


  • BluesBrother

    Circuit Overseers?

    They used to be individuals ..Men with experience of life..Some of them were eccentric, In the UK men like John Blaney, Ernie Beaver, Ted Wright, Ken Wildig will always be remembered by those who knew them. They may at times have fitted the descriptions of the "arrogant" ones mentioned earlier but I found that if you went to them with a problem, they would listen and give some real help and advice that was not from the textbook. They would readily criticize the elders if they thought it necessary.

    Now I see "company men" raised in The Borg, pioneered from school and all they know is what the WTS has taught them. The talks are manuscript texts, the comments are exactly what they are supposed to say and they do not really know much. But they are willing to do it and they make their reports back to the Society, like travelling auditors.

  • yknot

    Cheerios could you please reference the WT/Awake Article so it can be posted to this thead.....


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