Have you Overcome Guilt & Fear Since Exiting Jehovah's Witnesses ?

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  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    "I have overcome guilt and fear being on this board while remaining a witness (in name only of course) as I never go on the ministry these days"

    I too know I have overcome guilt and fear because I can now attend most meetings and even the occasional "service" (I do this to make my wife happy) and still know the BS when I see it and I have full control over my mind. In fact, its sort of fun, to know I am rebel and nobody knows. BTW: For those who might be concerned over my fake service, I will never ever bring anyone into this mind controling organization. I have seen too much suffering to allow anymore to get sucked in.


  • WTWizard

    They never felt any guilt for breaking their promises to me, exploiting to the max my inability to attract the opposite sex, and trying to get me into their Value Destroyer Training School despite that all I wanted was to live a peaceful life (that is, minding my own business).

    They never felt any guilt for trying to coerce me into donating to the Kingdumb Hell project after I got negative value out of it.

    They never felt any guilt for telling me to just meet men at the a$$emblies.

  • Charlie Cheddar
    Charlie Cheddar

    Hello eveyone, i'm new to the board. Look forward to chatting with you all from here on.

    Well i've been gone for 3 1/2 years now, and since my departure i have took a step back and realised all of the horrible and manipulative mind games that the WTBTS plays with you. As you have mentioned, methods of manipulation such as deliberately trying to implant Fear and Guilt into you, are a common, convenient and effective means for the WTBTS.

    The longer you remain a member of the organisation, and the longer you are subjected to this Fear and Guilt mental torture, then the longer it will take you to get over it when you leave.

    In my 3 1/2 years, i feel like i have made considerable progress in overcoming all of this. I no longer fear Armaggeddon, no longer feel any guilt over my inadequacies as a Human Being, and no longer feel shame for the things they make you feel shameful for.

    Although i (and probably many others on this board) have managed to break free and escape, my thoughts and sentiments lie with the many other individuals who arent so lucky, and who are still trapped inside the Cult today.


  • wantstoleave

    I fear the tribulation and armageddon...always have, even when at my most zealous! I remember being a 3 or 4yr old, waking at night to a storm, and thinking it was armageddon. Im sorry, but kids that age should NOT have to fear like that. And now at almost 30, I still fear it. I HATE thinking Ill never be a good enough witness, will never measure up. I feel on the fence and its limbo at its worst. Am I in or am I out? I wish I could answer that myself....then I wouldnt feel so bad.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Charlie, welcome to the forum.

    wantstoleave, if it's any consolation, I drifted out after the 1975 debacle, but it was another 27 years before I studied the WT for truthfulness, found out it was all BS, and lost the guilt & fear that I had carried all of my life.

    I think I had my first doubts at about 12, but waited forty years before I dealt with them. Do I feel stupid? Yep.



  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Hey flipper :) no i dont think im going to survive Armageddon...never have done and dont know who will be there,it just doesnt scare me because its not something that should be scary,its something to look forward to, wicked ones will be destroyed and we dont know who those ones are but we know Jesus will judge correctly. Then we can all live on earth in peace :) I dont serve Jah out of fear that i may die when the end comes, i serve him out of love and a wanting to serve him.

  • wantstoleave

    I think for the most part I did love Jehovah growing up. But I believe the man made part of the organisation made me question alot of things. Yes man is imperfect, and we have to allow for that....but sometimes they really mess with your head. Ive seen so many things go on over the years within the congregations, either happening directly to me or to those close to me, that I think back on with disgust. I believe I did serve Jehovah for a time out of love but nowdays, maybe I take things for granted or am past caring. I dont really know yet. It will be a long process Im sure.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    wanttoleave..you have a pm :) top right of the screen theres an envolope,click on it...

  • mouthy

    Want to leave ....Then leave!! It is not the truth !!!!!!No matter what Angeleyes wrote you privatly,
    Dont let people scare you....The WT has told false prophecy since it started. I have all the" Studies in the Scriptures,"
    They are a real laugh to read, .Just THINK for yourself, If you still love GOD then do as HE said "LISTEN TO MY SON"
    He is the only way, the only truth,& you can only have life through HIM .You dont have to listen to me.
    I would suggest you pray to Jesus /////

    Just my 2 cents

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    actually what i pm was good.....i see both sides remember :)

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