Flouride and Chlorine in our drinking water is poisoning us to death?

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  • parakeet

    To be safe, I always drink tap water out of my aluminum foil hat.

    LOL at Elsewhere!

  • villabolo

    Sir82; the increase in cancer rates, whatever the figures, are unlikely to be caused by just one industrial chemical that we're exposed to. There are thousand of chemicals the exposure to which is likely to have consequences to our health. Why expose yourself to it if it could be avoided? Furthermore, I did not come out against the chlorination of water for sanitary reasons. I said that it was necessary to chlorinate it but NOT to drink it. That suggests that everyone should have a water filter.

    In any case you should read Beksbks post #11202.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I've always assumed that increased cancer rates are because we're living longer. We're not dying as much from tooth infections, malnutrition, uncleanliness, malaria, and other such maladies as we were 200 years ago.

  • villabolo

    By the way, I forgot to mention another issue. Assuming, for the sake of argument that flouride in the water is safe, why should it be decided to put it in the water. I can think of a hundred things that could be put in the water for the so called "good" of humanity? Prozac anyone?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Villabolo good point. I'm amazed at how many people here either bury their head in the sand or are in denial. Flouride which is made from industrial WASTE and put thru your kidneys and Liver......Chlorine {like drinking Bleach} which is toxic to humans....so your kids teeth can cope with all the sugars they eat! As I said it only benefits kids....although as I pointed out the A.D.A in 2009 now says thats crap so why is this chemical still in there??? Next thing you'll be pushing the benefits of fruit sprayed with D.D.T. in strong asbestos boxes! LOL


  • Farkel

    witness 007,

    :Next thing you'll be pushing the benefits of fruit sprayed with D.D.T. in strong asbestos boxes!

    No longer spraying with D.D.T. has directly caused many times more deaths than spraying with it ever caused. You might want to read up a little on that subject. It may surprise you. It surprised me.

    Asbestos is quite another matter, though!


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yeah Farkel more worms have been found in organic apples! lol. The same Doctor who recommended Flouride gave the okay to Lead in Petrol being "harmless." And remember when "9/10 doctors reccomend you smoke Larmies Cigarettes...their good for stamina!"

  • glenster
  • Fe2O3Girl

    Is "flouride" an American spelling, or are you so well-informed on this topic that you can't spell one of the main terms?

  • sammielee24

    Some countries have banned or refused to get on board with the notion that fluoride in the drinking water is necessary or even safe. Use a reverse osmosis water system and it will remove the fluoride in your drinking water, however,because both chlorine and fluoride are also in your tap water, you are constantly putting those toxins on your skin each time you shower - despite the substantial increase of sales of sun protection lotions over the past years, skin cancer has increased faster than it should be. There are questions around the overuse of chlorine and fluoride and the impact on the skin, as well as the possibility of substances in sun protection lotions doing more harm to some people than good. Alzheimers has risen to unheard of proportions over the past 40 years - there is a possibility that there may be a fluoride link. sammieswife.

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