Picked up REVOLVER remastered.....

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  • lepermessiah

    Just to continue on the Beatles thread.....

    I finally got around to picking up Revolver Remastered and all I can say is WOW......and that is impressive for an album that I have listened to countless times over the years.

    I have never tried acid, but the remaster of Tomorrow Never Knows at extremely loud volumes certainly was a "trip".....The horns on Got to Get You Into My Life were incredible!! I could go down the track list and pick out things that really blew me away.

    They did a wonderful job of cleaning up the tape noise and really enhancing the sound of the CD's as well as the packaging and liner notes. The first CD releases were disappointing to say the least when it came to the transfer and the liner notes. They have a ton of great photos and interesting tidbits about the recordings.

    I think "Rubber Soul" is next in line, then probably Peppers........I should just save up and buy the whole lot at once

  • knows better
    knows better

    the whole collection is just great. my only real complaint was the "white album" i found it a little muddy, but the early recordings sound nothing short of great. like listening to them for the first time. even on an ipod.

  • cantleave

    Will be getting my collection in a day or so.........Tingling with excitement!!!!!!!!!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Whats with all the new beatle mania here? I have always loved the Fab 4 - in fact listened to Revolver just yesterday.

    Never tripped - but they keep my high on life when I find the mood.



  • leavingwt

    I've listened to it several times, too. Good stuff.

    Admittedly, I'm a bit partial.

  • undercover

    Did you get the stereo remasters or the mono?

    Whats with all the new beatle mania here?

    I guess because they released the re-mastered copies of the albums..in either stereo or the original mono. They also released The Beatles Rock Band. Now all us untalented hacks can pretend to be our favorite Beatle. Now I too can play a Hofner Bass or a Rickenbacker or Gretsch guitar and sing along to Hey Jude.

  • Dagney

    Okay...that seals it.

    I'm gettin it.

  • knows better
    knows better

    stereo.. i cant imagine wanting the mono recordings. since i use my ipod all the time

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    envy envy envy

    Hey this reminds me, does anyone know if the film of "Let it Be" has evern been released to DVD?

  • leavingwt


    Here is what Wikipedia says about Let it Be on DVD.

    An anonymous industry source told the Daily Express in July 2008 that, according to Apple insiders, McCartney and Starr blocked the release of the film on DVD. The two were concerned about the effect on the band's "global brand ... if the public sees the darker side of the story. Neither Paul nor Ringo would feel comfortable publicising a film showing The Beatles getting on each other's nerves ... There’s all sorts of extra footage showing more squabbles but it’s unlikely it will ever see the light of day in Paul and Ringo’s lifetime.” [24]

    It's easily available on the Torrent networks, however. You can even buy bootleg versions on Amazon for twenty-five bucks or so.

    Most people will find it to be quite boring, with the exception of the Rooftop Concert footage, IMHO.


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