Picked up REVOLVER remastered.....

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  • leavingwt


    Below are the descriptions for what you saw. The horror.


    Hey Jude
    Apple SW 385 - February 23, 1970
    Parlophone PCS 7184 - May 11, 1979
    Capitol C1-90442 - July 28, 1988

    Side 1
    Can't Buy Me Love
    I Should Have Known Better
    Paperback Writer
    Lady Madonna

    Side 2
    Hey Jude
    Old Brown Shoe
    Don't Let Me Down
    The Ballad Of John and Yoko


    The Beatles - 20 Greatest Hits
    Capitol SV 12245 - October 15, 1982

    Side 1
    She Loves You
    Love Me Do
    I Want To Hold Your Hand
    Can't Buy Me Love
    A Hard Day's Night
    I Feel Fine
    Eight Days A Week
    Ticket To Ride
    We Can Work It Out

    Side 2
    Paperback Writer
    Penny Lane
    All You Need Is Love
    Hello Goodbye
    Hey Jude (short version)
    Get Back
    Come Together
    Let It Be
    The Long And Winding Road

  • leavingwt

    Beatles Singles and EP Discography


    Beatles LP and CD Discography


  • JimmyPage

    Leaving WT, I had assumed that what ended up on the 2 Past Masters collections were singles the Beatles released that were never on official albums. I also assumed the Past Masters as such were never on vinyl but only on CD. Can you verify?

  • JimmyPage

    Good Lord. After looking at the links you provided it's as messy as the Elvis catalogue. Somebody always looking for new ways to cash in, I guess.

  • leavingwt

    Well, please ignore the entirity of what has been released, and focus on the canon. Then it becomes (almost) simple.

    The best description of the Past Masters collection is this: All singles, A sides and B sides, and a few more odd tracks. (The liner notes provide details on the odd tracks, such as the 'wildlife' version of Across the Universe.)

    You are correct, that none of the singles were on the albums. (It would require quite a paragraph or two to explain this in detail, debunking what would appear to be contradictions to this statement. Just "trust me".)

  • lepermessiah

    If anyone is interested, check out this site:


    This fellow has the famous "revolver sessions" recordings that have floated around as bootlegs. This expands on what was heard in the Beatles Anthology. Its a great listen - to see how these songs all developed and how they became brilliant at using the studio technology.

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