Two new leaflets announced at Meeting today - desparate times?

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  • TheOldHippie

    Not here it was mentioned, but gifts both to the branch and to the congregation are tax deductable with totally 4,000$.

  • blondie

    For some years now the WTS developed and promotes "charitable planning" and has a brochure in Spanish and English. This seems to be a more comprehensive "advertising" of the "privilege."

    This started in 1995 and continues to today.

    *** w07 11/1 p. 21 "The Silver Is Mine, and the Gold Is Mine" ***As the term "charitable planning" implies, these types of donations typically require some planning on the part of the donor. To assist individuals desiring to benefit the worldwide work of Jehovah’s Witnesses through some form of charitable planning, a brochure has been prepared in English and Spanish entitled CharitablePlanningtoBenefitKingdomServiceWorldwide. The brochure was written to provide information on a variety of ways that gifts may be made either now or through a bequest at death. After reading the brochure and conferring with their own legal or tax advisers, many have been able to help support the religious and humanitarian activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide and maximize their tax benefits while doing so. This brochure may be obtained by requesting a copy directly from the Charitable Planning Office.

    For more information, you may contact the Charitable Planning Office, either in writing or by telephone, at the address listed below, or you may contact the branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses that serves your country.




    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

    100 Watchtower Drive

    Patterson, New York 12563-9204

    Telephone: (845) 306-0707

    *** km 9/95 p. 7 Announcements ***The Society receives many inquiries from publishers and others interested in financially advancing theocratic activities. In response to these inquiries, a magazine-size brochure entitled Planned Giving to Benefit Kingdom Service Worldwide has been prepared. The brochure contains information on gifts, wills, and trusts, as well as information regarding estate, financial, and tax planning. It is designed to help those desiring to benefit Kingdom service worldwide to select the best way to do so, given their family and personal circumstances. By reading the brochure and conferring with those working with the Society’s Planned Giving Desk, many have been able to assist the Society and at the same time maximize the tax benefits of doing so. The elders have a brochure available for inspection, or a personal copy may be obtained by writing or calling the Watch Tower Society, Planned Giving Desk, 100 Watchtower Drive, Patterson, NY 12563-9204, telephone (914) 878-7000.

  • cantleave

    I forgot mention that these leaflets are obtainable through the COBE or Secretary, not through the literature counter, so aimed entirely at the congregation.

    My wife's study was there last night I wonder what she thought.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    The Society receives many inquiries from publishers and others interested in financially advancing theocratic activities.

    I don't know why, but I really don't believe that. ''Others''?

  • isaacaustin

    AE, you said: i actually told an elder friend the other week that id forgotten to study the lv book and that it was on here what to study :)

    glad though as then i studied and got my answers .....

    My reply: You can not be serious??? I am not mocking you at all, but I am completely bewildered. This did not bring a negative response?? Is there some huge difference in the states from England on this? In the states that kind of statement would get you in hot water.

  • cantleave

    Isaac The UK position is the same as that in the US. AE is due a shepherding call to encourage her to prepare for meetings in order to get the most out them. This in addition to the Worship night where we should be fortifying ourselves for the iminant destrcution of the system of things.

  • sacolton

    Ha! What's next? Allowing donations paid via credit card at District Conventions? Surely, they would NEVER stoop that low.

  • isaacaustin

    Thanks cantleave...I would not think there could be that much of a disparity.

    Question this family worship nite something that will be heavily pushed on members to have?

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    hi issaac,well i guess each elder must be different because we are warned but never told we cannot do things...just given loving warnings.

    Im not due a shepherding lol......and do prepare for the meeting unless due to imperfection im unwell or actually forget where we are...haha myself and another elder often have to check where we are in the lv book..wish we would just do a chapter each week,be so much easier,but keep stopping at paragraphs makes us lose where we are

  • isaacaustin

    I guess AE. I am really shocked by this. I am very surprised that your mentioning you are getting info on the org off the internet, and a site not sponsored by the org would not be given much more attention. But, ok...and glad you're here...

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